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  1. Grinning Calamity


    Okay, I'm just gonna shut up now...
  2. Grinning Calamity

    Open TEA-The Elemental Alliance

    Shin barely had time to draw his sword before the man lept at him. He swung a fist at Shin, which he dodged by ducking. Shin tried to sweep the man to the floor with his leg, but the man jumped, and kicked Shin in the chin. Shin flew back a few feet and groaned as he hit the floor. "You're still...
  3. Grinning Calamity


    I'm not going to explain the mechanics of sex.
  4. Grinning Calamity

    Should Spanish be a required course in American schools?

    Some people from Mexico have children just to become citizens of the U.S(The woman gets pregnant and has the baby in U.S. territory). Also, the population of Spanish people is high and growing quickly, and many of them are coming here. (The U.S.) Im not trying to be racist, that's just how it...
  5. Grinning Calamity


    ...dont make me explain how that's obvious.
  6. Grinning Calamity

    Should Spanish be a required course in American schools?

    I think that it should be required, because of where we are today. But I also don't think it should be required, because this is America, not Mexico or Spain. If they want to come to this country, they should learn our language. This also leads to the issue of birth control, and I'm not gonna go...
  7. Grinning Calamity


    My beliefs here: Okay, I'm straight. I don't believe that homosexuality is how things were meant to be(duh). Though frankly, I don't care if people do it. That's their buisness, not mine, and I won't stop them.
  8. Grinning Calamity

    The Death Penalty

    Im not sure what I believe. I think, that if a criminal plans to become a better person in the future, and really help out his fellow man, give him prison-time. But if he is just somebody in-and-out of prison frequently, then there's no reason for him to be alive. He wastes resources. I know...
  9. Grinning Calamity

    What do you think of fellow forumgoers

    Grinning Calamity - People like me? What does that mean? ... I must not have ignored it on purpose, because I have no idea what you mean. Did I ignore it here? I really didn't mean to, if it meant that much to ya. I already explained that the profile thing confuses me, and I never did...
  10. Grinning Calamity

    I kinda miss the arrows

    I know how ya feel. I thought that immediately when I started posting.
  11. Grinning Calamity

    Get rid of the "The" in "The Debating Hall"?

    Sorry man, but I really don't see how it matters.
  12. Grinning Calamity

    What do you think of fellow forumgoers

    Thanks, I do what I can... LOL But seriously, I'm not always obnoxious. I just try to be happy. You could say that the forums are a good place to kill time and escape from life-troubles. I feel welcome here, whether I'm welcome or not... 0.o; Oh, and I'm a newb to most profile crap, so I...
  13. Grinning Calamity

    The World Ends With This Club

    Re: The TWEWY Fan Club I was thinking of getting this game. Is it good? Would ya reccomend it? I like KH and FF, isn't that who made it?
  14. Grinning Calamity

    What do you think of fellow forumgoers

    I was just about to post a thread about this, good idea. Mmkay, I believe I ooze awesomness, but I'm ready to be judged! Bring it on!!! By the way, if you looked at my sig, Mew is manly, right?
  15. Grinning Calamity

    McDonalds answers all your questions!

    I didn't think it was that funny. Maybe the one with the hamburgler. I hate yo face, Altmer! Don't ask why. I don't want to explain. I've gotten over it though.
  16. Grinning Calamity

    The header told me to post, so...

    Lol, this intro reminds me of my first one. It was terribly akward. Anyway, welcome aboard!
  17. Grinning Calamity


    Lol, my intro wasnt much better when I first joined as Emberfan. (Im Grinning Calamity now) Anyway, welcome aboard!
  18. Grinning Calamity

    Open Legend of the Eeveelutions

    Oh, I actually meant canceling Ludicolo...
  19. Grinning Calamity

    Open The Darkest Hour (halfway through plot)

    Grin sprinted after Onko, nearly tripping all the way. "I'll-*cough*-race-*cough*-you! ... Oh Arceus, this is torture! Do you always run this fast!?" He quickly wiped sweat off of his forehead and saw it hit Onko. He laughed and, and karma punished him by making him trip on a rock, but he didn't...
  20. Grinning Calamity

    Open TEA-The Elemental Alliance

    Shin was already inside a cavern, with a door-block trap, so he couldn't hear the struggled screams of his comrades. "Well... How do I make it out of here?" He scratched his head and created a small fire on his fingertips. Shin gasped slightly, after realizing what was in the room. He made the...