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  1. Vespiform

    Your Comfort Song

    Dreams of an Absolution by Bentley Jones & Disturbia by Rihanna.
  2. Vespiform

    What Games Are You Playing?

    DS: Spectrobes Spiderman: Friend or Foe Drawn to Life Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Pokemon Pearl Tetris DS X-Box: Prototype
  3. Vespiform

    Requests Open *Suggestions* OH LOOK ANOTHER GENERIC SPRITE SHOP.

    Nice, ice retype yeah? It'd be even cooler if it was holding something instead of the spoons. Shards of ice maybe? Aah. Its staring into my heart Again, I like it. The top bit (the plant bit) is recoloured perfectly but the outline of the Gloom is very black and too thick. Fine but the bit...
  4. Vespiform


    Star Wars Battlefront Drapion VS Star Wars Batltefront?
  5. Vespiform

    The Brown Fox jumped over the lazy dog.

    Reckless Heracross ruined a dungeon rescue
  6. Vespiform

    Most Overrated & Underrated films ever.

    I personally think Pixar are a bit overrated. Wall-E was okay and The Incredibles was alright-ish but I think they are a tad overrated when the films themselves weren't actually that good. Cars & Ratatouille were dreadful.
  7. Vespiform

    Requests Open Psymon's Sprite Shop

    A lineless Crawduant and a rocket's Crawduant please.
  8. Vespiform

    The Brown Fox jumped over the lazy dog.

    Some pikachus ate three horny schoolgirls.
  9. Vespiform

    Language Barrier in Music

    German metal rock is amazing. I don't really have any opinion on Japanese pop-music.
  10. Vespiform

    Google your username.

    12,000 exactly. Most around this:
  11. Vespiform

    TCoD: The Café of Doom

    Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom A day behind we're supposed to be making pancakes at scouts. Can't be arsed, also pancakes make me feel slightly sick.
  12. Vespiform

    Name on the internet.

    Saw this coming... Username: Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Hmm.. I see a pattern.
  13. Vespiform

    Attack editor 2000

    jesus used return against romans
  14. Vespiform

    Guy on YouTube with over 6000 videos of himself smoking.

    Thats damn wierd and damn scary.
  15. Vespiform

    Pokemon Name Game

  16. Vespiform

    Requests Open DarkSmith's Sprite Manor 2009

    3 different recoloured Vespiquens please.
  17. Vespiform

    If you could live wherever you wanted...

    Easter Island. Nah, somewhere except here, Japan?
  18. Vespiform

    Darkarmour's~3-Part Spriting Contest~

    Not my best. Names? Uh. Heatbuster? Sucks.
  19. Vespiform

    Brit Awards 09

    Full of more shit. Anyone care to disagree?, Duffy won pretty much everything and Simon Pegg turned up. Anyway, talk about it here.
  20. Vespiform


    David Tennant and Billie Piper (yes i'm fucking nerdy)