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  1. Cap'n Sofa

    Sofa's Choose Your Own Adventure Games

    Welcome to my thread of badly illustrated Choose Your Own Adventure games! Rules are simple: I post an image in a link along with some text, then people post suggestions of what the main character(s) does/do. I will allow 24 hours after the first suggestion for a page is made to add more. I then...
  2. Cap'n Sofa

    One Year

    So RTB and I have been on the forums for a year now. It's been awesome and it feels like it's been longer. You guys are all awesome and I hope for plenty more good years here. EDIT: If you're wondering why I'm so damn calm about this, I'm not usually one to get extremely excited about things.
  3. Cap'n Sofa

    I can't believe this hasn't been made yet.

    Alraune's birthday deserves a thread, dammit. Happy birthday! You are an adult now.
  4. Cap'n Sofa

    The Felt--Homestuck Fan Club

    We have enough fans on the forum, why not? Discuss Homestuck here! Get Pesterchum here! We have a TCoD memo, which can be accessed from the memos menu by typing "TCoD" into the text input box and clicking "JOIN". Also the members list is outdated and I'm lazy so if you asked to join and nobody...
  5. Cap'n Sofa


    We have enough fans on this forum to make a thread for it, so why not? Discuss ideas about the comics and pretty much anything pertaining to MSPA. So, anyone have any ideas about what Gamzee's up to?
  6. Cap'n Sofa

    Eye Color

    Because I am way too curious about stuff like this is general, what colors are your eyes? Mine are hazel.
  7. Cap'n Sofa


    I've just been curious about the height of the forum members here. So I made a thread for it because why not. I am 6 feet, or 182-183 centimeters.
  8. Cap'n Sofa

    A little late

    It may be late and I may not know you but I noticed that you didn't have a birthday thread so I made one. Happy birthday, dragonair!
  9. Cap'n Sofa

    Making Games

    Kapton Jack and I are making some games and we need characters so GUESTSTARS GOGOGO. Name, appearance, attacks are all necessary, put more if you wish. We might also post updates and crap about the games so. BTW THEY ARE NOT THE SAME GAME AND YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR THEM SEPERATELY. EDIT: Since...
  10. Cap'n Sofa

    Blue Eyes

    Why do so many video game protagonists have blue eyes? Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Link, Cloud, Cecil (FFIV), Peach, Zelda, Roy, Eliwood (FE7), Ike, Marth...the list goes on. Anyway, why do they always give the protagonist blue eyes?
  11. Cap'n Sofa


    Well, there wasn't a thread and I was curious. What is your handedness? I'm a righty who plans to become an ambidexter.
  12. Cap'n Sofa

    Giant Swamp

    NEWS June 29, 2010: The highland is open, with the swamp's first Ice-type Pokemon! Also, the forest has gained some Pokemon. June 12, 2010: You may now find that Pokemon are holding items or find berries on the ground. As other areas open up, new items will appear. June 11, 2010: Hills area has...
  13. Cap'n Sofa


    Hey. I'm Sofa, or Bettadude if you know me from another forum. I have been going to the site since 2008, and just now I've joined the forums. Why I decided to wait so long to join is beyond me, but...uh...hi. ...Yeah, that's about it.