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  1. Patar

    HG/SS Pokéathlon

    Re: Pokéathlon Snow Throw was definitely the hardest record to beat. I only beat it because I went to catch all the legendaries and spam Snow Balls with them. The trick to Pennant Capture, they actually tell you. You need fast Pokemon and strong ones too. Collide your Pokemon with the CPUs and...
  2. Patar

    HG/SS Pokéathlon

    Re: Pokéathlon I think the team bonus thing is based on the rarity of your Pokemon. I usually go in with legendaries because they have awesome Pokeathlon stats. Goal Roll is pretty easy. My highest beats your sister's, Hikaru. 10 points :D I have to agree that the Pennant Capture is stupidest...
  3. Patar

    HG/SS Pokéathlon

    Re: Pokéathlon How far are you in the Pokeathlon? I'm in the Friendship room. Last room. Do you use the juices? Juices are used to enhance stats for a period of time. To use them, you should only give juice to Pokemon who have empty stars. Match the juice and the star will probably be filled...