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  1. haneko

    The Worth of Liberal Arts/Humanities Degrees

    Many people say that taking a Liberal Arts or Humanities degree is useless, because it won't help you get a well paying job in the same way something like Computer Science would. What's your take on this? Some more questions to spark discussion: - Should you follow your passion and take a...
  2. haneko

    The Twitter Thread

    Like the tumblr thread, but for Twitter instead. A lot of people have twitter accounts here, so I figured I’d make a thread as a place for us to share them! I’m @island_mirage. I pretty much never post or like anything, though I go on the scroll daily. Quick edit: I use my twitter to catalogue...
  3. haneko

    Emerald Apocalypse

    I wrote this almost a year ago, inspired by this remix of Komm Susser Tod from Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's extremely short and rather morbid. Enjoy... * * * Brendan clung to his hat as he surfed across the seas on his Sharpedo. The crimson water was becoming more and more choppy, foaming...
  4. haneko

    What would your VS theme be?

    If you were an important NPC in a Pokemon game, what would your battle theme be when the player inevitably goes up against you? I'm going with PUPA - morimori atsushi
  5. haneko

    Javascript type error: variable supposedly undefined even though I've initialised it

    Hey, I made a rudimentary quiz script a while back and recently unearthed it to use on my site. It's the type of quiz where each combination of answers gives a unique result. Here it is: As you can see, I've initialised form here: var form = document.forms[FORM_NAME]; FORM_NAME has been set...
  6. haneko

    MY fansite this time: Mirage Island!

    Go! Go look at it! I've been planning this for a long, long time. Despite that, it doesn't look like much at the moment - I'm going to neaten up the content and its CSS over the next few days, but having finally uploaded v0.9 of the site feels like an achievement to me and I want to share it.
  7. haneko

    Your reading preferences: topics and themes you like to see in fiction

    *dusts off the forum* We all have our preferences when it comes to fiction. Some people avoid or follow more general categories like romance or high fantasy, or they like to read stories which discuss vigilante justice or fate. Your preferences might be a bit more specific, too. Maybe you like...
  8. haneko

    a postmodern analysis of YouTube comments

    nobody: somebody: let's use the nobody: meme format in a YouTube comment
  9. haneko

    myuma's trainer sprite shop

    @IndigoEmmy @Jirachu Come one, come all, to myuma's trainer sprite shop, where you can request any trainer sprite you want! Check out my sprite thread if you want examples of my sprites! You're free to use the requested sprites as you like. Upfront credit is nice but not necessary, as long as...
  10. haneko

    myuma's trainer sprites

    Looks like most people on here prefer to edit sprites of the monsters themselves, but I've always liked to do trainers. Most of these have been traced over a sprite from the game, though I tend to add lots of scratch details. I use Pixilart to create these. Please don't use these sprites for...
  11. haneko

    Lake Verity, the place of gratitude: Fledgeling Pokemon Fansite

    Lake Verity the place of gratitude This is my younger brother's fansite! He'll be thrilled to have some new visitors. Please give criticism, suggestions, and take a look around; maybe even leave a message in his guestbook. Be nice - after all, he's just a kid. I already know his spelling and...
  12. haneko

    A wild Misdreavus appeared!

    Hi, I'm myuma. The name is based on Misdreavus's Japanese name, Muma/Miuma. My favourite Pokemon is actually Milotic, though. :grin: I got into the series with White, had a hiatus during Gen 6, then returned for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. So here I am. I occasionally write fanfiction, but my main...