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  1. Flazeah

    Suggestions En Garde, Ready, Draw

    Hello, and welcome to Flazeah's art thread! I've decided to make this thread to improve my drawing and get some neat suggestions if I'm looking for them. It actually probably won't have anything at all to do with fencing despite the name, but I can dream, can't I? What will be included in this...
  2. Flazeah

    What are you doing this summer?

    Yay, it's summer. You may or may not be experiencing warmer weather than usual. Here in England we're not used to seeing grass that's kind of dry and yellow. Yellow! Well I'm not, anyway. But anyway, what are you doing? Or what have you done? Lucky me, I don't finish school 'til around...
  3. Flazeah

    D/P/Pt Success with the Poké Radar?

    Success with the Poké Radar? How much success have you had with the Poké Radar? I use it every now and then but not often seriously; sometimes I start chaining just because I feel like it, but end up breaking the chain for a careless reason. I have, however, managed to catch a shiny Phanpy at...
  4. Flazeah

    Pokémon Game Laziness

    Pokémon Game Laziness Do you ever have amusing moments of laziness in the Pokémon games where you just think "I really can't be bothered to do this", and take some sort of shortcut? Just now, I switched on my DS and opened up my Diamond. I was in Hearthome City, and decided to get a Berry...
  5. Flazeah

    Chinese food, a shiny and money well spent!

    Yesterday was a good day. I went into town with my family for my contact lens checking appointment at Boots, and it was fine. I decided to try on some designer glasses while I was bored, because I was thinking about possibly buying some. Sure, I don't really need a new pair of glasses seeing as...
  6. Flazeah

    Work experience in Germany!

    It's so nice when you more or less dread something, or at least not really look forward to it, and then end up having loads of fun. I wasn't really looking forward to going on work experience to Germany for a week, but it turned out to be awesome and I loved it. I worked in a pet shop - I wasn't...
  7. Flazeah


    I started fencing five weeks ago yesterday, and it's awesome, and I love it. I'm determined to get much better, but even when you're beginning, it's so much fun. The club seems really nice - the session I go to is at a leisure and sports centre - and hee, I just love it. It's great wearing the...
  8. Flazeah

    I'm going to Berlin tomorrow!

    I'm going to Germany tomorrow 'til Friday with my parents. :D Woo! I've never been before, and I get to use German - or, well, attempt to sort through the tons of vocabulary I won't know and translate what I do know for my parents. Which should be loads of fun. And hopefully I'll learn more...
  9. Flazeah

    Alton Towers! :D

    I went to Alton Towers today, and it made me very, very happy. Alton Towers, in case you don't know, is a theme park in England, and it has some awesome rides. I went with my dad and my brother, and, let's see, we went on Enterprise once, Oblivion twice, Nemesis four times, Air twice, the Congo...
  10. Flazeah

    What do you want to do as a job when you're older?

    I figured it'd be best to ask about what jobs you guys want to do as adults seeing as a lot of us here seem to be younger than adults, and rather than, say, what do you want to do in the near future if you want to get a job as a teenager or whatever. Plus the fact that I want to ask about...