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    Username Mafia [d4]MAFIA WIN

    NO SUCH THING AS NIGHT ZERO. A gentle breeze sweeps through the almost-deserted Mafiatown. Many have fled out of the fear of being killed. However, a few people have stayed to bring justice to these scum. Lights start turning off in the windows of the remaining occupied homes. Start sending in...
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    username mafia 2

    The last one failed lol. Let's make this one better...d: - SO. YOUR ROLE IS DETERMINED BY YOUR USERNAME. THAT'S PRETTY MUCH IT - stuff you may want to know: 1. Day and night...will be whenever I want it to be! >:) No joke. Though most of the time it'll be 24-ISH hours. Most of the time...
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    One year older

    [it's my birthday] :D
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    The Silence Game #5

    *signals that everything you do must be in asterisks* *Go!*
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    Username Mafia [D2]

    The sun sets over TCoD. 48 hours for night actions.
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    Username Mafia [singups CLOSED]

    Yes. You read that right. Your role is going to be based on your username. Rules: 1. You can only abstain once during the game. 2. No quoting from your role pm. 3. Night actions will be ignored if not sent in. 4. No out of thread communication unless specified. Looking for about 10-15 players...
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    Theories,short stories,fluff and other stuff-Ereve edition

    well,i decided to do this. here, I will dump my little bits of writing for all of you to look at. I'm a newbish writer,so I would appreciate some criticism. so,enjoy. PS:this is about maplestory and the Cygnus Knights. just so that you know. 123 go! ------------------------------------...
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    Okami/den Mafia SIGNUPS

    Rules: -Please try not to abstain. -Inactive people shall be modkilled. I would like 15 players or more. This is my first time hosting a mafia game,k? Secret roles. Oh yeah, flavor will play a role. I'll send role pms as soon as you join. One more thing. There's going to be a bit more power...
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    Happy birthday to......me

    :talking: Yay! It's my birthday! I won't tell my age, but FWEE!
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    Rate the Signature above you!

    You know how this goes, right?:grin:
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    What instrument do you play?

    Just as the title says. *votes piano*
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    Joy Meadow

    Joy Meadow "You walk though a forest to find a sunny meadow, blooming wildflowers and Pokemon. Lots of Pokemon. XD But there is a gloomy mountain overhead......" 7$ for 6 Pokeballs. If you need more Pokeballs, you have to pay 7$ again.To go to the Mountain, pay 4$. Meadow: Common: Swablu...
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    Something is coming....no,someONE.......It's..It's Mystic Moon

    Hai people! Would like to meet some people here(gosh,I'm so bad at intros.:dead:) Fav Pokemon:Jirachi FTW!XD Least Liked Pokemon:Luvdisc. ^alibit about me.