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  1. Grass King

    Lirris vs Bgreymon

    Bgreymon's Active Squad Gustave the Male Totodile Ability: Torrent Ettolrach the Female Croagunk Ability: Dry Skin Princeton the Male Rufflet Ability: Sheer Force Zorro the Male Sandile Ability: Intimidate Dionysus the Male Venipede Ability: Poison Point Buckshot the Male Darumaka Ability...
  2. Grass King

    Flower Doll vs Mawile

    bulbasaur's Active Squad Niton the Male Bulbasaur Ability: Overgrow Item: Leaf Stone Bromine the Female Vulpix Ability: Flash Fire Item: Charcoal Cuprum the Male Buizel Ability: Swift Swim Aurum the Male Sandshrew Ability: Sand Veil Item: Metronome Oxygen the Female Pachirisu Ability: Run...
  3. Grass King

    nicse4 vs Flower Doll

    Flower Doll's Active Squad [Douglas] Oshawott (M) <Torrent> [Sayuri] Petilil (F) <Chlorohyll> [Isolde] Vanillite (F) <Ice Body> nicse4's Active Squad [Snivy] Snivy (M) <Overgrow> [Litwick] Litwick (M) <Flash Fire> [Litwick] Litwick (M) <Flash Fire> [Lillipup] Lillipup (M) <Vital Spirit>...
  4. Grass King

    Mai vs Mawile

    Mawile's Active squad: [Scratch] Porygon2 (X) <Download> Item: Dubious Disc EXP: 1 [Terezi] Oshawott (F) <Torrent> Item: None EXP: 0 [Etna] Togepi (F) <Serene Grace> Item: Shiny Stone Happiness: 1 [Dave] Scraggy (M) <Moxie> Item: None EXP: 3 [Rose] Litwick (F) <Flame Body> Item: Lucky Egg...
  5. Grass King

    Ash's BW Party Ideas

    Now that Serebii has images of every Gen V Pokemon, what do you hope Ash will get? My idea: Pikachu - Ash always has it Mijumaru - Looks like Ash has one in the previews and episode title Mamepato - The bird for the region, and from episode title Hitomoshi - I think this could work well on...
  6. Grass King

    Headbutt Forest

    Headbutt Forest Here at Headbutt Forest, we have a special area of the forest roped off for visitors. There are 25 trees in the visitor zone, and each has a Pokemon in it. You can pick a tree, and a predetermined Pokemon is yours. The only twist, you have to have a Pokemon that can Headbutt the...
  7. Grass King

    Open The Dark One Escapes

    The Dark One Escapes Plot: At the beginning of the Digital World, the Sovereign sealed away a great evil, in the Dark Area of the Digital World. They then used an army of Cerberumon to guard the edge of the Dark Area, to make sure nothing ever got out. As time progressed, more evil Digimon...
  8. Grass King

    Digimon Forum Roleplay

    If anyone joins, could you go to this thread, and post that you saw me advertise this. Hope to see some of you on there sometime. (Unoriginally, my username on that site is grassking)
  9. Grass King

    Astral vs Wyvern

    Wyvern's Party: [Rory] Riolu (Male) Ability: Steadfast [Bel] Houndour (Female) Ability: Flash Fire [Ben] Buizel (Male) Ability: Swift Swim Astral's Party: Phanpy [Valor] (M) Ability: Pickup Signature Attribute: A Different Outlook Slowpoke [Pirrk] (F) Ability: Own Tempo Signature...
  10. Grass King

    MurrMurr vs Blaziking

    6v6 Triple Battle (not for the faint of heart) Set DQ Time: 10 days Damage Cap: 66% Banned Moves: OHKOs, weather moves Arena: Outside the Battle Roulette (so completely not stolen from anyone) The Pokemon are battling in a busy district directly outside of the Sinnoh-famous Battle Roulette...
  11. Grass King

    Flora and Ashes vs Animorph

    Flora And Ashes's Team Pachirisu Name: Hibana Gender: Male Ability: Pickup Lapras Name: Umi Gender: Female Ability: Water Absorb Sandshrew Name: Sabure Gender: Female Ability: Sand Veil Teddiursa Name: Kumai Gender: Female Ability: Quick Feet Animorph's Team [Sparky] Electrike (M)-Static...
  12. Grass King

    Whivit vs Chiropter

    Whivit's Party: [Clide] poliwag (f) <Water Absorb> R1 Experience: 0 [Nefesh] haunter (m) <Pressure> R3 +1 Body mod: Ghost/Dark Moves forgotten: Sludge Bomb, Poison Jab Moves Learned: Faint Attack, Nasty Plot, Pursuit Experience: 0 Item: Lucky Egg [Falcata] metang (x) <Clear Body> r8 +1...
  13. Grass King

    StyliBoy vs JolteonShock

    1 vs 1 Style: Set DQ: 7 days Damage Cap: 40% Banned Moves: 1 hit KOs, healing moves, recycle, Dig Arena: Umpire State Building Towering high above the city of New Yolk, the Umpire State Building has a mixture of platforms, points and towers that make it's strange roof a perfect place for...
  14. Grass King

    Lord Shyguy vs Black Yoshi 99

    Lord Shyguy's Team: [Pyrite] Eevee (f) Ability: Run Away Item: N/A Experience: 0 [Amp] Mareep (f) Ability: Static Item: N/A Experience: 0 [Chaos] Treecko (m) Ability: Overgrow Item: N/A Experience: 0 Black Yoshi 99's Team: [Quarter] Meowth (M) Ability: Technician Item: N/A Experience: 0...
  15. Grass King

    Kratos Aurion vs Walker

    Kratos Aurion's Team: [Adonis] Ekans (M) Ability: Shed Skin Held Item: NA Exp: 0 [Schrödinger] Meowth (F) Ability: Technician Held Item: NA Exp: 1 [Ghost in the Machine] Porygon (X) Ability: Download Held Item: Up-Grade Exp: 0 [Mjolnir] Mareep (F) Ability: Static Held Item: NA Exp: 0 [Folie...
  16. Grass King

    Grass King's Damage Influencing Centre

    Grass King's Damage Influencing Centre A medium sized building that has several windows, each displaying different Pokemon using attacks. The is a small sign on top, which reads: Grass King's Damage Influencing Centre. The sign also has a Miracle Seed on the left, and a Twistedspoon on the...
  17. Grass King

    Grass King has returned.

    I have once again joined the forums, under the same name as my previous account. Hopefully, this time my post count will be slightly (by that I mean a lot) higher.