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  1. Wargle

    6 months. Wow.

    I don't know how many people still remember me, but it's been a while. I'm alive though. Don't worry.
  2. Wargle

    Circumcision. Religious freedom or inhumane torture?

    Following a few incidents, like a court in Cologne, Germany bans newborn circumcision without consent of the child, San Francisco votes on whether to ban the procedure for anyone under 18, and Colorado decides to save money by leaving circumcision, well, cut off from Medicaid, there is a a...
  3. Wargle


    AT THIS POINT ONLY ACCEPTING A FEW MORE GOOD, AND THE REST OF THE RESERVES FOR WHATEVER FACTION! Round 1 was awesome, but was too popular. Round 2 was fun, and died of lack of activity. I am remaking round 3 in Jester's honor because he left, and give you this RP. -------------------------...
  4. Wargle

    Twelve Days (Of Game Freak)

    Not sure if anyone has seen it, but here it is. discuss
  5. Wargle

    Super Random Mafia 2

    After a year, a giant bird lays an egg in LarryLand and out of it hatches a new population. The mafia return soon after, and the town finds themselves in trouble once more. Roles: Terrorist - The terrorist is on the GCAs side The terrorist's goal is to ensure that the mafia win, and to...
  6. Wargle

    Left 4 Dead: Devil's Swamp (Open)

    I am determined to see this through!! It is Earth, modern day time. We are in a post-zombie apocalypse, with most of the human race becoming "Infected". Throughout the world, there are a number of people who are immune from the infection. They go from location to location, trying to find...
  7. Wargle

    Pokemon Online Team Help

    My Pokemon Online team isn't doing that good. Here it is: Ferrothorn (M) @ Leftovers Trait: Iron Barbs EVs: 252 HP / 48 Def / 208 SDef Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd) - Stealth Rock - Protect - Power Whip - Leech Seed Mothra (Volcarona) (M) @ Life Orb Trait: Swarm EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd...
  8. Wargle

    Time Zone error

    It appears the time zones here are not correct for me. I live in the - 6 hour Eastern Time Zone but for the time here to be correct I must use the - 4 Zone for Santiago and La Paz. Why is this? I have Daylight time as on because it is.
  9. Wargle

    Your theme song?

    What song best fits you? Mine is White and Nerdy by Weird Al.
  10. Wargle

    Left 4 Dead2: Devil's Swamp

    It is Earth, modern day time. We are in a post-zombie apocalypse, with most of the human race becoming "Infected". Throughout the world, there are a number of people who are immune from the infection. They go from location to location, trying to find means of rescue, ranging from hospital...
  11. Wargle

    Congrats TCoD

    On surviving one year of me!
  12. Wargle

    The Godfather Mafia

    You guys surely all know The Godfather right? One of the best Books, Games, and Movies out there. SOOOOO I decided. Hey, Godfather Mafia would be cool. IMPORTANT THINGS: ~ This is an experiment ~ This will be unfun for you guys. ((but fucking hilarious for me)) ~ Don't take anything For...
  13. Wargle


    It's mah bithday. Be jealous n00bs!!!
  14. Wargle

    Ash's Pikachu event, Elemental Monkeys and N names.

    Event Ash's Pikachu will be at Toys "R" Us Jan 30- Feb 5th 2011. Names Grass type - Pansage Fire type - Pansear Water type - Panpour N - N Scans are of low quality and may not be official for names.
  15. Wargle

    Idea Center: Part Deuce

    The Idea Center, remade.
  16. Wargle

    Zoroark and Zorua names confirmed, also movie date and events.

    Zoroark: Master of Illusions premires on Cartoon Network Febuary 5th. The names for Zoroark and Zorua are confirmed to stay the same in English.
  17. Wargle

    [OOC/Signups] Attack of the Chessmaster

    From birth, I was a prodigy. By age 2, i had an IQ of 135, while the average adult IQ is around 112. I was unpopular in school, but always had the best grades. They'd taunt me, and be mad because the teachers would curve the test. I was sent to special 'gifted schools', but I was still far...
  18. Wargle

    [OOC/SIGNUPS] Pokénazis (A Pokemon RP)

    [OOC/SIGNUPS] Pokénazis (A Pokemon RP) Inspiration from the thread showing the uncanny resemblence between Staraptor and Hitler. The world has been turned upside down. A single Pokemon has taken control of a group of Pokemon who refuse Arceus, and are set out to kill all who worship it...
  19. Wargle


    For discussion of all noms that coem from water, fish, shrimp, crab, etc. I like shrimp and cod, but only the latter with tea.
  20. Wargle

    [GAME OVER] Super Random Mafia Game [ALIEN WIN]

    The sun sets over LarryLand. Another murder. Te head detective believes that the people should be in harge of the case, as the killers are among them. 48 hours for night actions.