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  1. hopeandjoy

    Achievement Unlocked: An Adult or Something

    Yes, I am finally 18 and can now to exciting things like buy cigarettes, get married, join the military, serve jury duty, vote, and have as many non-family members in the car as I drive as I want. Honestly, it's kinda weird to think about considering I joined these forums at 11 and am the baby...
  2. hopeandjoy

    Viz Media Gets License to Orignal Sailor Moon and Sailr Moon Crystal

    New dub and legal subs holla.
  3. hopeandjoy


    So I've decided that I am going to share one of my favorite fandoms with you all whether you like it or not. jk I hope you do like it but it can be an acquired taste for some. What the frick is VOCALOID anyway? Well, they aren't holograms and they aren't robots. VOCALOID is a vocal synthesis...
  4. hopeandjoy

    hope's (late) 5th TCoD Anniversary!

    So yeah! On October 23rd, 2012 I'd officially been here 5 years! It's still a great place to be around and I'm glad I latched onto here instead of Serebii and the like. ...What do you mean you have no idea who I am?
  5. hopeandjoy

    16 Get

    So yeah, turned 16 today. I got my presents yesterday, because my mom, sister, and I went shopping. I got an iPhone and some clothes! Have writing club today as well as dinner, cake and cards from my grandmother, aunts, and uncles from my dad's side. Dad might take me to The Dark Knight Rises...
  6. hopeandjoy

    New Sailor Moon Anime

    Forgive the incoming girly-ness but... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [source] Please allow dub and be faithful to the manga.
  7. hopeandjoy


    I am super excited for Saturday. You know why? BASSET HOUND PUPPIES THAT'S WHY. Meet Baker, my-soon-to-be-third dog. We're (by "we're" I mean my mom and dad, because I have to watch Sherlock and Watson) picking him up on Saturday. So now I have Sherlock, Watson, and Baker. Get it?
  8. hopeandjoy

    Let's (Probably) Play Pokémon White!

    Let's (Probably) Play Pokémon White! Probably because it's me. I'm making an honest effort this time, though! I have a set team for the most part, but you can suggest something better if you want. Samurott Lilligant Chandelure Archeops Reuniclus Scrafty But, actual input time! Am I a boy or...
  9. hopeandjoy

    I Bought Oliver!

    ...That doesn't mean anything dirty, I swear. I just bought the VOCALOID3 Oliver! Despite the limitations of the tiny editor (why only 17 measures Yamaha, why?), baby's first VOCALOID is going better than I expected. I mean, just listen to his cute voice...
  10. hopeandjoy

    Nostalgia Critic Musical Review

    Of Moulin Rouge. By far one of the funniest things he has ever done.
  11. hopeandjoy

    One-Shot Lynne

    Or: Hope's a manic depressive. Link to my blog. I do use this blog for my irl writing club, so if you feel uncomfortable posting comments there, just do it in this thread.
  12. hopeandjoy

    5.9 Earthquake Rocks the North American Eastern Seaboard

    http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/08/23/quake-hits-near-washington-d-c/?hpt=hp_c2 This quake happened only one county away from where I live. It was shaking so much that I could see my house shaking. All my family is safe and the only casualties was some glass. Two reactors have been taken off...
  13. hopeandjoy

    Sad Songs

    Sad songs that you like. Right now, I've reached a new high (low?) in the world of sad songs with The Heap Princess and Apostrophe. Goddamn it, sasakure.UK. Not again.
  14. hopeandjoy

    The Grave of Fireflies

    I just finished watching it and... Wow. I'm still crying. It's really such a fantastic movie. I don't normally cry at movies but... You just can't avoid it with this one.
  15. hopeandjoy

    'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Creator Terminates U.S. Deal and Sues for Millions of Dollars

    Or: 4kids is screwed. The Hollywood Reporter: And after I finish worrying about Funi, I'm going to go celebrate this.
  16. hopeandjoy

    The One Man Disney Movie

    Or: Holy Shit I Didn't Know That a Man Could Sound That Much Like a Woman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp1BYzIVi0U
  17. hopeandjoy

    Ketsu Would Like Critique

    Basically, what do you think of this voice and my mixing? Is it better than the old voice and old mixing? Cover and new voice: http://www.box.net/files/0/f/62321140/1/f_651904295 Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2TJHZchpEc Cover and old voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVoGxPTWXRQ...
  18. hopeandjoy

    Let's Play The Sims 3 - Legacy Style!

    Hello, my name is Ketsu and I have been playing The Sims almost as long as I've been playing Pokémon. I have every game of the Sims 1, The Sims 2 and all its expansion packs (and Teen Stuck Pack, but that was a gift. I am not too found of Stuff Packs), and The Sims 3 and two of its expansion...
  19. hopeandjoy

    New Winnie the Pooh Shorts

    As in, Disney is making another compilation shorts based off of the stories from the books they didn't adapt in the first one. Trailer So much nostalgia. Please don't screw this up, Disney. Except between this and Toy Story 3, I'm still really upset that Mom let me give my childhood (and I...
  20. hopeandjoy

    In Progress Waiting in Earth (Re-do)

    So, I showed a piece of this to my writing club today and they loved it and wanted to see more. Thus, I created this blog and started posting. Comments both there and here (if you don't have a Blogger account) are fine. Waiting in Earth Prologue+Chapter 1