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  1. Light

    If Anyone Wants to Try Chaos Management...

    I've decided to release the full record of proposals from the first Calvinball Mafia. It might or might not be better to forbid repeating past proposals in future attempts. In any case this is how I kept the game balanced. There's no telling if I'd personally be around if someone started a...
  2. Light

    Calvinball Mafia

    Night has fallen over the generic landscape. 36 hours for proposals.
  3. Light

    Anything Goes (Calvinball) Mafia

    So I was going through my Notes on my computer last week and came across this little guy from April of last year: I guess a more realistic (yet boring) example would be: "Tell me the alignment of players X, Y, Z." "Proposal: You get inspection results for players X, Y, Z. Condition: Exactly...
  4. Light

    Pokemon Fusion

    "Glooras", "Maton", "Pikaizard", "Ekpie", "Pikazard" So I thought this was worth sharing. It takes the body from the first choice and the head and color scheme from the second choice and puts them together. Most combinations are horribly flawed and none are perfect, but I thought it was amusing.
  5. Light

    Fallen London Mafia

    The world and mechanics of this game are adapted from Fallen Londen, a web game I don't expect any of you to have heard of. How it works is there are four qualities you will build up over the course of the game: Dangerous, Shadowy, Persuasive, and Watchful. With these qualities you can unlock...
  6. Light

    Name Change - Suggestions?

    It's been a while now, so I'm planning on changing my name. 'EndisNear' is what I had planned, but I decided, Near is lame, he doesn't get a turn. sooo... any suggestions? I think I'm looking to go with something permanent this time, so any characters from anything would most likely be a fad.
  7. Light

    Possible Worlds?

    Possible World What are their Ontological Status? Basically, is there a world for everything that could logically happen, every bit as real as ours, or do things that didn't come true in our own universe exist only within the mind? This is another philosophical musing that I have wondered...
  8. Light

    Greek Mythology Mafia [Cult Win!]

    5. You may not post when you are dead. Effective as of October 28, 5:30 pm. "Darker days are approaching!" declared the oracle of Apollo to the citizens of Olympus. "As it was foretold long ago: 'There will come a time when the Great Olympian gods themselves will be entangled in a vicious...
  9. Light

    Greek Mythology Mafia

    Rules: 1. You may communicate out of thread. 2. You may not quote from your role PM. 3. You do not have to post in the discussion thread, but I would really like it if you did. 4. You get 3 (should be plenty) abstains as a group before a lynch target is selected randomly. Looking for around 15...
  10. Light


    So this is a Pokemon battle game I made a while back. There's also an even older simpler Pokemon battle game I made which I did not obsess over every detail about, and a one level mario game which is mostly a music project. I cheated, I used their drag and drop the algorithmic blocks program to...
  11. Light

    Super Duper Mario Mafia [finished]

    "What are all those hammer bros doing here? Oh look. A new castle with a huge bowser statue in the grassland just past Peach's castle. Looks like I've got new neighbors," thinks Mario as he waltzes home. 48 hours for night actions.
  12. Light

    Super Duper Mario Mafia

    As demonstration that we are running out of unused mafia ideas here at TCoD, I present to you, Super Duper Mario Mafia. In case you hadn't figured it out, his game will feature characters from that overly popular mario franchise Nintendo puts out. The rules: 1. Out of thread communication is...
  13. Light

    Inspector Mafia (Day 2)

    Quoting or paraphrasing from role PM's is strictly forbidden. Anyone who violates this rule will be immediately modkilled. You also may not reveal the exact time which you received your role PM. A killer is on the loose. This much is known. The sun sets over the town as various reactions well...
  14. Light

    Inspector Mafia

    This game will have six players: 4 inspectors with varying sanities, 1 mafia, and 1 corrupt forensic inspector. The Corrupt Forensic Inspector Every night this player chooses one player to inspect. They will receive their role along with any associated sanity. They are initially sided with the...
  15. Light


    How do I change the time the forum displays to my own time zone?