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  1. Gardevoir Girl

    Fractured Fairytale

    Depressing and probably very bad. About depression (duh) and my growing androphobia/hatred. About the title, it just seemed to keep repeating itself in the poem, so that's why it's the title. Fractured Fairytale Listen to my voice Hear my cries Piece the words together Of my fractured...
  2. Gardevoir Girl

    One-Shot She Waits

    Since it's two hours into Valentine's Day where I am, I thought I'd post this now. It's just something I threw together in the past two hours - was crying for part of it, so there are bound to be plenty of typos. I hope you like it anyway. She Waits The sun hangs low in the sky. A few children...
  3. Gardevoir Girl

    Will You...?

    Written for one person in particular - he knows who he is. Sorry about the bad title, I couldn't think of anything else. Will You...? Will you love me Until my time is gone? Will you hold me close On those freezing nights, Take my hand And kiss my frozen fingers? Or am I asking too much? Will...
  4. Gardevoir Girl

    The Last Time

    It’s the story that should never be told, The voice that should never be heard; It’s the minutes and the hours ticking by, The breath carrying a person’s last word. It’s the moment that the pain strikes hard, The tears that fall at time’s relentless tread; It’s the glance thrown at a sleeping...
  5. Gardevoir Girl

    One-Shot Gift's Story

    Dedicated to the one whose story should be known, and to Dragon_night for finally getting it out of me. Gift's Story The sound of heavy paws pounding against wood filled my alert ears, mingling with my gasping breaths and the familiar crackling. A powerful scent caused my onyx nose to twitch...
  6. Gardevoir Girl

    I'm back. Yay?

    Got bored of not being here, so I'm here again. :D Was I really away a month? While I was away I've been very happy (most of the time). I'm in a relationship that's going really well. Actually, better than really well. I also have a new iPod in a pretty purple colour. And finally, I have...
  7. Gardevoir Girl

    For You

    This is a poem I wrote over the past few days. I don’t think it’s a very good poem, and it’s certainly not worthy of the person it’s written for. But this is the best I could do. I hope it expresses at least some of what I’m feeling. For You I can sense you waiting On the other side of my...
  8. Gardevoir Girl

    One-Shot Sunset Dance

    Contains Pokemon/human romance. Rated PG-13 because I doubt anyone younger would be interested. First of all, this story is dedicated to Sirnight777 of Serebii and FF.Net. And if he’s reading this now, I know how awkward it’ll make him feel. Sorry about that, but I felt like I’d explode if I...
  9. Gardevoir Girl

    In Progress Visions Of Fate [PG-14]

    One girl, starting her Pokemon journey… with a rather uncooperative partner. One boy, on the run from his past, trying to survive purely in the present. Two destinies, entwined inseparably, each soul unaware that the fates are guiding them closer to their true path. How will they survive in a...