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  1. guy standing behind you

    In Progress Project RoX.Io93

    Yeah. Some of you may get the sublte references to things. ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ They moved silently through the rubble. They climbed over rocks and debris of what had once been a great city. They had to move fast. They were both cloaked in darkness. The tight black fabric hugged their skin. It...
  2. guy standing behind you

    [I do Requests!] Sprite Warehouse!

    Yeah, I'm not that good. I only really do small edits to sprites. I only recently learned how to make non-sucky outlines. I'm working at getting better at recolors. Yeah. Comments appreciated. You also might see some of my work floating around as Fish Jumpers Adoptables. -Some Kinda eggs...
  3. guy standing behind you

    In Progress The Kiwis Discussion

    This started out as a weird roleplay-type-thing in the Fish Jumpers social group. The storyline is a bit weird due to the fact it had a bunch of people pulling it in different directions. I decided to turn it into a story, but for obvious reasons I had to edit certain events and characters out...
  4. guy standing behind you

    One-Shot The Angel

    A radiant light shone down upon him. He stretched his muscles, extending his arms out as far as they would go. He spun around, feeling the light on his skin. It felt so warm. It seeped inside of him, warming his skin and his feathers… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “GET UP NOW OR I WILL DRAG YOU OUT OF BED!”...
  5. guy standing behind you

    One-Shot Io

    When they found me, I was just a kid. I was alone. The only things I had with me were my clothes. I was found in the desert beyond the Dream Forest, where the Thoros live. I was given to an old couple who never had any children of their own, but they never trusted me. No one ever trusted me. I...
  6. guy standing behind you

    IDEAS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    Alright, I guess I should get to the point... I'm a decent writer, and have already posted some stories in the writing thread. But recently, I have had some trouble with inspiration, so I will be listening to your ideas, and may possibly write a one-shot story based on these ideas. Feedback is...
  7. guy standing behind you

    In Progress The Dragons

    DEAR GOD PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!! I WILL NOT WRITE THE REST OF THIS IF I DO NOT GET FEEDBACK!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was cold. Depressing. It was the gray time after the rain had just begun to slow. It was still drizzling, but not enough to dampen the bright flame that was the only spot of...
  8. guy standing behind you

    One-Shot The Solstice

    Please dont ask me about the title. ~~~~~~~ Snow swirled around the boots of a figure in a dark grey cloak as he made his way up a street. He paused for a moment to watch the frozen crystal snowflakes float gently to the ground. No one was anywhere near him, but that did not matter. His...
  9. guy standing behind you

    I am odd

    I am the guy standing behind you. I am new here. I am strange. HIIIIIII!!!!!!