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  1. Lord Mewtwo

    Fake Pokemon Game Cheats

    So I know Cave of Dragonflies has a page of fake cheats created by I am guessing, members here like you guys. I checked it out last night after about a year or so just for fun as I was training my Beartic on my pokemon Black version. I suddenly came up with an idea for my own fake cheat and...
  2. Lord Mewtwo

    Strange Error in Ruby

    Ok so I am not sure what this message is I am getting on one of my Ruby versions(I have two). Every time I start the game I get this before being taken to the screen where I enter my save file: "The internal Battery has run dry. The Game can be played. However, clock-based events will no...
  3. Lord Mewtwo

    My Name in Fire Red

    Hello, long time no see Cave of Dragonflies. So I want to change my character name in my Fire Red because I am in vermilion and would prefer not to have to restart my game. I know there is a name changing code for Crystal on the gameshark it was given to me on Pokecommunity and I have used it...
  4. Lord Mewtwo

    May I Ask?

    I have a question regarding my fire red, however before I post it in the appropriate section I first need to know; what is the policy here on asking/talking about gameshark or action reply? I know a number of Pokemon forums I have been too do not allow it because it's cheating as well as ROM...
  5. Lord Mewtwo


    Hello, was wondering if I can have my username changed. I looked everywhere that seemed logical for something that spoke of it but have not found anything, but could not help wanting to be sure.
  6. Lord Mewtwo

    Hi there

    Hi, so I have been here before and read some of the hilarious fake cheats in the past that are posted here but have never known there were forums. I will be 24 in November, and will likely be graduating from junior college with a liberal arts degree next spring with the hopes of becoming a New...