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  1. JackPK

    Minimal Flavor Mafia signup thread

    Guess what! I'm running a mafia game! Guess what else! Writing flavor is the part that's hardest for me! So I'm not gonna do that! Introducing Minimal Flavor Mafia, the game where I don't write much flavor, and you all play as a bunch of things that don't have much flavor! Roles may or may...
  2. JackPK

    Cats (2019) Mafia

    The moon shines brightly as the cats of the Jellicle tribe go about their nightly business in the barren city streets and alleyways. Throughout the empty town, handbills and video screens warn of the looming threat of Macavity, a criminal cat with devious intentions. What will this scoundrel's...
  3. JackPK

    Cats (2019) Mafia signups

    Are you mean like a minx? Are you lean like a lynx? Are you keen to be seen when you're smelling a rat? Were you there when the pharaohs commissioned the Sphinx? If you were and you are, you're a Jellicle cat! Hello and welcome to what may be simultaneously the best and worst idea I've had for...
  4. JackPK

    Hamilton Mafia

    Hamilton Mafia A Small, Quick, Experimental Game (link to signup thread) --- How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of an anony- -mous game of attrition, his identity enshrouded and forgotten, survive until his friends defeat the mafia? This...
  5. JackPK

    Hamilton Mafia (A Small, Quick, Experimental Game)

    Hamilton Mafia A Small, Quick, Experimental Game First and foremost: I’m only seeking five (5) players for this game. If there’s a significant amount of interest, I may open it up to slightly more, but at this point five is the goal. If you’re already participating in Mimikyu’s Mafia Choice...
  6. JackPK

    Cynder vs Stryke

    Cynder vs Stryke Cynder's active squad zorua Houdini the male Zorua <Illusion> ralts Walter the shiny male Ralts <Trace> @ Reaper Cloth bronzor Relic the genderless Bronzor <Heatproof> @ Weakness Policy murkrow Shadow the female Murkrow <Super Luck> @ Razor Claw nincada Peridotite the male...
  7. JackPK

    Pokemon Go

    So according to various fandom sources (Bulbanews, Serebii, Reddit), Pokemon Go appears to be available now in a small number of areas (Australia, Japan, and the West Coast of the US, as far as I can tell) on Android, but not iOS as far as I've heard. Anybody have it yet? How are you liking it...
  8. JackPK

    Capitalist Democracy Mafia 2: Credit Card Bubble

    The citizens of Capitalismville have rested easy in their beds for a year, comforted in the knowledge that the crime ring that once plagued them has been stamped out. One night, however, their phones buzz loudly just before bedtime: *bzz bzz* One-Time Offer: Earn points when you fly Capital...
  9. JackPK

    Capitalist Democracy Mafia 2: Credit Card Bubble

    Capitalist Democracy Mafia 2: Credit Card Bubble May contain slightly less fresh satire than last time. A revisiting of the concept I used last summer! You can revisit the basic mechanics by reading that game’s signup thread and game thread, but in case of TL;DR, here’s a brief re-explanation...
  10. JackPK

    Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread]

    Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread] Darkness falls, and an uneasy silence pervades the land as a small group of Kanto Pokémon head to sleep — except for those who have other intentions for the night. Role PMs have been sent out. 48 hours for night actions.
  11. JackPK

    Retro Choice Pokémafia

    Retro Choice Pokémafia Retro Choice Pokémafia As a belated tribute to #Pokemon20, let’s play a Mafia game whose flavor goes back to the very beginning. After my recent bastard game, I'm sure y'all are just as eager as me for a traditional game. With that in mind, I've constructed a game for...
  12. JackPK

    (SPOILERS) CoroCoro reveals new Pokemon: Magiana

    News on Serebii // News on Bulbanews So what do y'all think of this development? It was really shocking to me at first, but in retrospect, I should've expected us to start getting new Pokemon for the next movie. I was really hoping for a Z version, but the odds seem vastly more likely now that...
  13. JackPK

    Bastard Mafia

    Nobody knew what to expect. But as the sun set, they knew they still had to wait some time before the dawn. 48 hours for night actions.
  14. JackPK

    [Closed] Bastard Mafia

    So hey, I haven't run a mafia game in awhile, and I've had some bastard formats bouncing around in my head, so I thought I'd try one of them out. Anybody want to try out a game where I basically don't tell you anything about the format whatsoever? The rules are my usual ones: If you don’t...
  15. JackPK

    Keldeo vs Eifie: The Wrath of Khan

    Keldeo vs Eifie II Keldeo's active squad rampardos Shay the shiny male Rampardos <Mold Breaker> @ Zoom Lens happiny Viola, Disciple of Lirrin the female Happiny <Serene Grace> @ Oval Stone wormadam-sandy Buona Benigni Jr. of Conte the female Wormadam (Sandy Cloak) <Anticipation> @ Hard Stone...
  16. JackPK

    Lord of the Fireflies vs Lilycolo: Take II

    Lord of the Fireflies vs Lilycolo II Lord of the Fireflies's active squad mawile Alice in Chain Chomps the female Mawile <Intimidate> @ Sachet monferno Lewis Knaveburn the male Monferno <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg (5 EXP = 1 damage bonus point) snorunt Autumn of Ambitions the female Snorunt <Ice...
  17. JackPK

    Lord of the Fireflies vs Lilycolo

    Lord of the Fireflies vs Lilycolo Lord of the Fireflies's active squad mawile Alice in Chain Chomps the female Mawile <Intimidate> @ Sachet medicham Swan and a Thousand Wounds the female Medicham <Pure Power> @ Muscle Band (4 EXP = 1 damage bonus point) sceptile Edmund Slywood the male...
  18. JackPK

    Keldeo vs Eifie

    Keldeo vs Eifie Keldeo's active squad pichu Sonya Nevermynd the female Pichu <Static> @ Soothe Bell kirlia Rosmarinus Marie of Silvervine the female Kirlia <Synchronize> @ Rocky Helmet (4 EXP, so gets 1 damage bonus point) (who becomes ralts Rosmarinus Marie of Silvervine the female Ralts...
  19. JackPK

    pathos vs Vipera Magnifica

    pathos vs Vipera Magnifica pathos's active squad monferno Blood on Fire the male Monferno <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg ivysaur Papayawhip the female Ivysaur <Overgrow> @ Lucky Egg croagunk Karpad the male Croagunk <Anticipation> @ Lucky Egg marshtomp Starbuck the female Marshtomp <Torrent> @ Lucky...
  20. JackPK

    Capitalist Democracy Mafia [Game Thread]

    Just as the town of Capitalismville begins to lay itself to bed, a mass alert goes out to all its citizens' phones. *BUZZ BUZZ* THE CIA HAS REASON TO BELIEVE THERE ARE INTRUDERS IN OUR MIDST, WORKING TO UNDERMINE OUR GLORIOUS CITY. BE WARY. DO YOUR DUTY TO YOUR GOVERNMENT. FIND AND DESTROY...