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  1. Z

    Let's Play: Dwarf Fortress (Fun with Zuu)

    WHAT IS DWARF FORTRESS YOU ASK?! Essentially, the player's job is to manage a fortress full of dwarves that love industry and love booze even more. Sounds simple? Of course not. Now, Dwarf Fortress is infamous for having "hard to read" ASCII graphics. For this reason I have sought out a...
  2. Z

    Underoath came to town for the first time

    and i went and saw them along with some local bands and this band called The Word Alive. five hours of moshing and headbanging and the chance to see one of the coolest bands play live. though my favorite part was probably when Spencer of Underoath came out and said 'i don't know if all of you...
  3. Z

    One-Shot i wrote a story for my chemistry AP class

    enjoy A Possibly Humorous Anecdote On The Topic Of Triple Point Chapter One: The Final Chapter One day in the land where substances of wildly and fantastically different name, consistency, and composition live together in ultimate harmony for eternity, an unexpected and till-then unheard of...
  4. Z

    ATTN: Introductions

    hello! welcome to the new all-purpose general introductions thread! what is this you ask? simple! instead of the creation of short-lived, pointless threads, new members can simply make a single post here, and people interested in contacting them can PM them! this could drastically cut down spam...
  5. Z

    YouTube Bro Thread

    Hello and welcome to this thread that I have either just created or created some time ago, depending on what day it was when you stumbled upon this first post! Essentially I have created this thread to make an archive of TCoD users with YouTube accounts and to allow said users, if such a mood...
  6. Z

    leaving this shithole for a bit

    brb texas state solo and ensemble contest
  7. Z


    i just finally saw this film. it was pretty great; i've heard complaints about rockwell's performance but i thought it was pretty damned good. kevin spacey as a robot's voice made me giggle. it's not very often that a film really makes me think, but this was one of them. discuss?
  8. Z

    I am 17

    and one year closer to dying :D
  9. Z

    What are you making?

    I felt like we needed a thread for all ye aspiring composers. Just a place to post your own stuff, "get your name out there", get critique, stuff like that. I have a feeling this might not ever get used but anyway. This is a song I just finished. I tried something new - I'm not familiar with...
  10. Z

    Random writings

    I wasn't sure whether or not I should stick this here or in the Writing forum but ... basically, in order to improve my writing, I'm trying to write like, a page or two every day with different plots + characters just to exercise my abilities a bit I guess. So I'm just going to use this topic to...
  11. Z

    My marching band went to the state contest...

    We placed 18 out of the 26 bands there, which sounds pretty bad until you realise that two hundred other bands in the state didn't even qualify, so I guess we're technically 18 out of ~226.
  12. Z

    Open [OOC] Dissent in the Eastern Wastes

    [Title is tentative...] Far in the future, in a land distant, there lies a kingdom... a nation in which a paranoid monarch sits on a silver throne, in which lords perpetually find themselves locked in political contests, and in which magic is dead - a lost art and a mere legend. A once powerful...
  13. Z

    Pokemon - Post-Apocalyptic World?

    from /tg/: Discuss.
  14. Z

    H. P. Lovecraft

    So... any other fans of Lovecraft? :O I've started reading his short stories lately and I have outright fallen in love. I have read The Alchemist, The Beast in the Cave, The Call of Cthulhu, The Colour Out of Space, Cool Air, Pickman's Model, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and The Thing on the...
  15. Z

    It is now officially the 5th of July in my time zone...

    ... which means I have been with my girlfriend for about two months. Celebration ensues. :3 <3
  16. Z

    Eh, I've got a problem.

    Basically I've been itching to write again and I'm throwing plot ideas around and not having too much luck. However, I've kind of got... something... but I'm not sure if it sounds too much like Silent Hill or not so I'm going to go ahead and see what you think. o_o Umm, basically a guy starts...
  17. Z

    k I'm back

    got my new computaaar runnin' and shit. currently i'm installing xchat and stuff back on it. steam and such. :3 it's evidently better than i had expected (and was told (also i'm vaguely copy+pastin' this stuff; so i am not fluent in computernerd or whatever jeez get off my back)): Processor...
  18. Z

    Well, uh, that was a fucking turn around.

    I ended up recovering the files I needed for my project from my dead cpu. So I was moderately happy about that, but bored without my beloved computer. When my dad tells me that he ordered a new computer. Like, a good one. 500 GB hard drive and 3 GB of RAM, evidently. Dunno what the other specs...
  19. Z

    LSD Dream Emulator

    Christ. This is one of the creepiest games I've ever played. Let me see if I can give you a brief overview. You play as ... well, someone. And you basically play out their dreams. You have no action button or anything. pause menu? nope. You walk around and explore your dream scape. Now, there's...
  20. Z

    Athanatos [Unnatural Selection (EP)]

    www.myspace.com/athanatostx my EP check it out and give feedback pl0x