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  1. kyeugh


    art by me. banner edited from this weird viking metal band that inexpicably shares a name with a word that i made up. hey guys, it's me, your best friend skylar/kyeugh/qva/mohacastle/barack obama/majora/dazel/qvalador. this is the fanfic that i've been working on for nearly a year and only...
  2. kyeugh

    tcod cookbook

    howdy folks. this is a thread for sharing recipes, like we discussed in the telegram a bit ago. feel free to post yours below, and let us know if you end up making anything from this thread! i'll update this post with a list of posted recipes as they're added. Recipes oeuf d'Eif by Oeufie...
  3. kyeugh


    it seems like people like bumbletrek (how could they not), so i am riding the wave. we'll see how it goes. Congratulations, you are now the plucky chump on the left. It looks like you're stuck fighting a pretty beefy dragon. How do you intend to go about it, buster?
  4. kyeugh

    [Memefest 1080p] Eifie vs. RedneckPhoenix

    [Memefest 1080p] Eifie vs RedneckPhoenix Eifie's active squad blaziken Nando the female Blaziken <Blaze> @ Safety Goggles espeon Adelle the female Espeon <Synchronize> @ Wise Glasses pelipper Pepper the female Pelipper <Keen Eye> @ Electirizer chatot Warbaa'd the male Chatot <Tangled Feet>...
  5. kyeugh

    Gzhoom vs Negrek

    Negrek vs Gzhoom Negrek's active squad grimer Phytophthora the male Grimer <Sticky Hold> @ Lum Berry mudkip Nate the male Mudkip <Torrent> @ Eviolite joltik Antialiasis the female Joltik <Compound Eyes> @ Lucky Egg absol Mandarb the female Absol <Pressure> @ Reaper Cloth cubone Haplo the male...
  6. kyeugh

    In Progress The Reapers

    Prologue: Trouble In Little Otterton There had been a jailbreak nearby, and so the residents of Hackles Way on Little Otterton were without exception shut up in their little smoking cottages by the time the sun had set these days. It was only minutes thereafter that their drapes would be drawn...
  7. kyeugh


    okay this story is a fucking meme basically i was in like a weird parasitic pseudo-relationship with this girl that i've probably been on about to a few of you for some time now, and retrospectively i think it was probably because i was homeschooled and didn't know anyone, so i was quite lovely...
  8. kyeugh

    Unofficial ASB Secret Santa 2015

    Unofficial ASB Secret Santa 2015 Hi everyone, and happy holidays! I'm Nira, a very active referee, and i'm bringing you an unofficial Secret Santa (as indicated by the title) at the behest of a Very Merry forum member. Hopefully this will be a successful even that everyone will enjoy! If...
  9. kyeugh

    [ Fledgling God ]

    You do not exist. What will you do?
  10. kyeugh

    MrKyurem versus Metallica Fanboy (Ω)

    MrKyurem vs Metallica Fanboy Let the birdy battle commence. MrKyurem's active squad pidove lieutenant lowercase the male Pidove <Super Luck> pidove lieutenant lowercase the male Pidove <Super Luck> pidove lieutenant lowercase the male Pidove <Super Luck> pidove lieutenant lowercase the male...
  11. kyeugh

    Vipera Magnifica versus Ether's Bane

    Vipera Magnifica vs Ether's Bane Welcome to /r/atheism Vipera Magnifica's active squad mienfoo Violent Mustelid the male Mienfoo <Regenerator> buizel Finbarr Galedeep the male Buizel <Swift Swim> @ Never-Melt Ice sliggoo Master Belch the male Sliggoo <Gooey> @ Lucky Egg trapinch Darude the...
  12. kyeugh

    blazheirio889 vs. Keldeo

    blazheirio889 vs. Keldeo Battle Order Keldeo sends out. blazheirio889 sends out and issues commands. Keldeo issues commands. ????? Profit!
  13. kyeugh

    Fandom Mafia 3

    The night is quiet. Small flames dye the horizon a faint orange, and clouds of smoke obscure the sky. The fandom war has begun, and no one can manage a wink of sleep in fear: fear that they may be killed in the night; fear that they are being watched; fear that they'll finish their last box of...
  14. kyeugh

    [CLOSED] Fandom Mafia 3

    FANDOM MAFIA III All is not well in the Fandom League. The small kingdoms that comprised the great land of Internetica grew restless and hungry for power. What started as small, snappy quarrels evolved into full-on battles. While the more docile fandoms tried their best to remain quiet, the...
  15. kyeugh

    Your Theme Song

    Is there a song that you think describes you perfectly? Basically, if there was a television show about your life, what would the theme song be? I'm pretty stuck on this one since all I really listen to lately is instrumentals, but I'm interested in what the rest of you would say.
  16. kyeugh

    Open Tcod Plays Sburb

    Chayer shook his head, eyes clamped shut. He was thoroughly disheartened, to say the least. "This is pathetic," he complained. "They won't last a minute." His skin changed colour abruptly, allowing him to blend into his surroundings. It was almost as though he had disappeared, but his black...
  17. kyeugh

    New 3DS

    Nintendo recently debuted a new 3DS, literally titled "New 3DS." Link here. Features include better 3D, a new analogue stick, larger size, better processing, a MicroSD reader, increased battery life, and an Amiibo reader built into the system.
  18. kyeugh

    Tcod Plays Sburb

    Thought this would be fun. I don't have any particular place I'd like to take this, but I'd like to avoid Scratching because that's too complicated, and I want it to be separate from the Homestuck sessions of Sburb entirely. No shared characters. Hopefully this will be fun. Oh, and there...
  19. kyeugh

    Username Mafia

    Welcome to Username Mafia. In the City of Dragonflies, all seems well. Each person goes about their daily business as themselves, free of any persecution or threats. That is, until the Fire Nation Mafia attacked. Now, the entire City of Dragonflies is shuddering hiding, wearing the masks of...
  20. kyeugh

    Username Mafia

    Okay, I am going to try my hand at being a game master, so please humour me if this doesn't go perfectly! Username Mafia! Upon entering, your name is put into The Cosmic Hat of Wonders, and each player receives a random username and role! You must try your best to act your part of the...