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  1. Starly

    It's in French!

    Basically every time I use Google it's in French, so I can't find the sites I want and its usually translated to French if I can find them. Can someone tell me how to switch the default language back to English?
  2. Starly

    5th Gen. Starters Revealed

    Here is the link to the images: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon.shtml Just so everyone can see them. btw which would you all pick? I would pick Tsutaja (grass lizard)
  3. Starly


    Some artwork/pixel art of some fakemon I created (crap) Some things you see may be disturbing Drawings Zeplash my opposite of Ponyta- http://silversail.deviantart.com/art/Zeplash-105992735 Different form of Lanturn, not much else-...
  4. Starly

    Eeveeloution Game

    The way you play the game is by saying on your post for instance, -1 Flareon +1 Vaporeon. So basically you subtract 1 from one eeveeloution and add 1 to another, until finally the last standing is the winner. You may only post on this ONCE a day cuz otherwise one would be knocked out everyday...
  5. Starly

    Requests Open Random Sprites and Other Stuff

    Welcome to my sprite shop! I am not as good as most on this site, but I think i am okay. Somethings are not shown 'cause I am too lazy, but I can still do them. Avatars Banners Edits/Re-color/ Cosplay and Pokemorph Repose I can also do de-vamp/re-vamp...
  6. Starly


    Hi! Obviously I am new.... So this seems like a nice forums (I have done forums before so please don't re-state the the rules for me :sweatdrop:) Just to say something about myself is that I love spriting!