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  1. Kung Fu Ferret

    (sign ups) Divinity High (PG 13)

    I'll allow it!
  2. Kung Fu Ferret

    (sign ups) Divinity High (PG 13)

    Name: Eric Finn Age: (10-19): 15 Gender (male, female, non-binary, trans, etc):Male Demigod or Champion (pick one): Demigod Godly parent(if demigod)/mentor (if champion): Cernunnos, Celtic god of fertility, life, animals, wealth and the underworld. Personality: Eric is usually calm and...
  3. Kung Fu Ferret

    (sign ups) Divinity High (PG 13)

    The gods from four different pantheons (Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Chinese) have arranged to create a safe haven for those mixed divine and mortal heritage (aka Demigods) to learn and interact without judgment from outsiders. Divinity High is a boarding school of sorts for demigods between the...