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  1. Magenta

    Open Pokeshop

    Miri jumped at the chance. "I'd love to!" she bleated cheerfully. Uri thought for a moment, considering the managers offer. Business may be slow but there wasn't much more for her waiting at home, not to mention Miri seemed to be getting along with the other Pokémon well, she didn't want to...
  2. Magenta

    Open Pokeshop

    Miri lent down and closely watched the Sneasel while she ate. She bleated a little, asking how she was. Uri looked at James and nodded, smiling. "Is there anything you need help with today?" She asked politely.
  3. Magenta

    Open Pokeshop

    Despite normally being the quiet one in the background Uri couldn't help but feel a little hurt that she was being ignored by everyone. Then again, it's not like she needed the attention or anything. She was here to work and that was that. Still, there was always someone she knew she could get...
  4. Magenta

    Open Pokeshop

    Miri immediately bounded up to the Quilava and took one of it's front paws, shaking it vigorously. Uri smiled a little as she went to the back to pick up an apron for work. Picking one of the aprons off a coat hook she pulled it over her head and wrapped the long bits of fabric around her back...
  5. Magenta

    Open Pokeshop

    It was a nice day, a pleasant warmth hung in the air as Uri walked down to the shop with Miri happily tagging along at her heels. The Flaaffy bleated up at her in excitement. Miri always loved the shop, talking to all the Pokémon on people that appeared. Coming to a decorated shop front Uri...
  6. Magenta

    Open Pokeshop

    This sounds like a lot of fun, may I join? Name: Uri Garder Age: 18 Gender: Female Personality: Uri is very much an introvert. She tends to keep her thoughts to herself but anything else she's happy to discuss. She tends to communicate through actions whenever possible. She loves learning and...
  7. Magenta

    Is Cannibalism That Wrong?

    Hmm, to tell you the truth. I wouldn't actually mind the idea. I'm actually rather curious as to what human meat tastes like. But I guess due to the ethics of it all I doubt I'll get the chance. Well, there's always Hufu I guess... Anyhow, if it was offered, I would probably take it. I wouldn't...
  8. Magenta

    Paranoia + Apocalyptic Situations = This Thread

    My plan would pretty much be panic. If any apocalyptic situation should arise while I'm still alive I'd have too many thoughts and fears running through my head to actually think coherently. So yeah, cry like made and cower while trying to avoid being trampled by the other panicking and...
  9. Magenta

    Cake vs Pie

    Cake, mainly because I hate pie. I don't know what it is, I think I just don't like pastry all that much. It's too dry. So cake, even if it is a lie at least it's an appealing one.
  10. Magenta

    Sexual Orientation

    God Knows... Seriously, at first I thought I was heterosexual because I mostly crushed on guys.Then bisexual because the idea of a female partner didn't seem totally weird to me. I have a girlfriend now and it's going way better than any relationship I've been in with a boy. Granted it is...
  11. Magenta

    Best Early Bird Pokemon?

    I have to admit, I never particularly liked any of the bird Pokémon however if I had to choose I'd probably go with the Pidgey line. I'm not too sure what it is, maybe because they don't look as scrappy as the Spearow line but still retain that nice, warm, light colour scheme. I haven't...
  12. Magenta

    That thing at the top of the page told me to come here.

    Every invasion needs a decent ninja person. It's like standard along with the medic, the sniper and the human battering ram.
  13. Magenta

    Standard Practice

    Uh, thanks for the copypasta but after a while it gets rather impersonal (even if you did write it) you know? Or maybe it just feels like there's less of a real welcome behind it. But Timmy! Jolty! *epic-high-five* And Hello Ruby~
  14. Magenta

    Digimon and Pokemon?

    I don't know really. I like both but I like them in different ways. I loved the first season of Digimon, liked the second one two but I could never be sure after that. I only played one of the games, I don't think I really got into it game wise. Pokémon on the other hand, not too keen on the...
  15. Magenta

    Your favorite Game Corner?

    I'll probably just be cheap and say Veilstone because it's the only one I can actually win on. Not to mention those Clefairy sprites were really cute, I really wanted to catch one after that. I haven't played the other games in a while (or at least played them up to the game corner point...
  16. Magenta

    What are your other names?

    I don't really know about names. I have so few of them compared to some people. I guess I try and use Magenta wherever I can, it's been with me on the internet since forever (originally Magenta-chan but I've grown out of that phase now). My second choice is normally Hanneda (Or Hannada as a...
  17. Magenta

    Least Favorite Type?

    I don't know of I really have a least favourite type. I mean, there are some types I use a lot less than others such as rock, fighting and steel but I wouldn't say they were my least favourite types. I mean, with all types there are probably Pokémon I like and dislike. I suppose I tend to...
  18. Magenta

    Your Favorite Animal?

    I'm not entirely sure what my favourite would be. There seem to be various animals I like maybe because of the way they look or the common way they act. I suppose I like Cats quite a lot, mainly domestic but I find the Lynx to be quite majestic. Cows I find also have that strangely bold air...
  19. Magenta

    Standard Practice

    Eh heh, Hello there. Some of you may recognize me, most probably won't. I was only active for about a day or two on the last forums. The ones before that where I first joined I was considerably more active until I got scared off. I'm not promising to be active now, in fact it's most likely...