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    Super Smash Bros 4

    Smash Bros Smack Down I'm liking the new additions to the line up so far, too. Rosalina and Villager look like a lot of fun. Any movesets you guys think they'll change?
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    Haha, yeah figured it was time for a change. It always throws me off when people get a new...

    Haha, yeah figured it was time for a change. It always throws me off when people get a new one; can't imagine what's it like after I had my old one for about five years.
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    Skype group

    There's an irc channel that tcod uses to the same effect. I'd recommend checking that out first and seeing how that works before trying to organize a Skype group. If you have any trouble figuring out how to get irc set up, I can definitely help you out.
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    Daily Pokemon Discussions

    Let's talk about Mega Houndoom! Megas count as separate Pokémon, right?
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    Let's say nice things about gen 4

    Snow! I love that diamond dust is a thing. I also like Snowpoint as a town, even if it's a pain to get there! The actual town is really cute and the music is really mellow. The Underground is silly, but I really liked the fossil hunting minigame. Memorable Gym Leaders! I really liked that they...
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    Wonder Trade

    Wonder Trade is the best. I love that you can do really silly things, like catch, nickname a bunch of Slowpoke, get a bunch of somewhat neat Pokémon in return, and then decide to level up all the neat Pokémon until they evolve. I've been fairly impressed with how generous people are. I mean...
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    Daily Pokemon Discussions

    Let's talk about Xatu today!
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    Daily Pokemon Discussions

    I actually like the red color scheme more, but I don't think the change itself makes much sense. And I do really like the line a lot. I think it's neat that they made the Sandile line Ground instead of the obvious go to for Water type. And I like to think that Hippopotas line and the Sandile...
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    Pokémon that should have gotten Mega Evolutions

    Re: Pokémon that should have gotten Mega Evolutions I'm down with all the Pokémon lines getting one, but I like a lot the ideas here. I still think it's silly that the other starters don't have ones, so all of the starters too. And I was vaguely disappointed when Raichu didn't get one, so...
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    Daily Pokemon Discussions

    I don't really care for Manaphy all that much. It's my least favorite small secret legendary and kind of a pain to get, like the rest of them. Though, I guess I ended up with three at one point because I bought and played all of the Ranger games. Phione's a hundred times cuter, anyways. :x
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    Music and Bands

    My taste in music is pretty shameful. It's a ton of video game and anime OSTs with a bit of ska, a ton of variety in rock, a few musicals, and whatever else catches my fancy. I'm open to listening to most things, though, I just don't really seek much music out. Here's a few songs I enjoy a lot...
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    Favorite Colour?

    For a specific color, it's seafoam green. Overall, I like blue most. Aaand I'm kind of picky about brown, but there's a few shades I really dig.
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    Daily Pokemon Discussions

    The whole Spheal line is definitely one of my favorites! In RSE, they appear so late in the game I think I've only used the line once in game. Walrein's super sturdy, though, barring Stealth Rock. I love the little RS Pinball minigame with Spheal and Sealeo. They're all a perfect shade of blue...
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    Murkrow Draws

    Oh haha, I should have been a bit more specific about that. A good place to start out is using pre-existing color palettes with a few colors. Here's few sites that you might find helpful: [color wheel explanation] [preexisting palettes] [pallete maker] There's a lot other sites for color...
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    More clue game

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    Daily Pokemon Discussions

    Middle stage starters are definitely some of my favorites and Quilava's no exception. I've always liked the fire mohawk and sleek design. I started out with Cyndaquil first in Gen II, so the whole line kind of special to me.
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    The "Fwee" Thread

    So about that dry ink pen, turns out I lied and it actually works. \o/
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    Murkrow Draws

    You're doing super good for someone who doesn't have a lot of practice! A few things to do when starting out is experiment a lot, so maybe try messing around with different color pallets, different brushes, or doing a lineless piece. This is really helpful for figuring out what you like best...
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    That's how I found out about the series too! I'm really glad someone else watches them, because...

    That's how I found out about the series too! I'm really glad someone else watches them, because I always feel pretty silly watching them since they're really just glorified infomercials.
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    my arty things

    Oh gosh, I really really like your Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist picture! I like that you picked pale chalky colors, too! I think you did an especially great job with the fur texture on the angry Pumpkaboo. And it's super cute how you made each of the Pumpkaboo different sizes and have different...