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  1. Hoeruo

    !!!!!Ultimate Happy Rainbow Smiles Sprite Contest!!!!!

    I hope big sis is gonna win :D Gooo Bakuphoon! Can't wait for your rating!
  2. Hoeruo

    Closed Team Star**DONE**

    Re: Team Star Jake feels the Giratina morphs claws pressing against his neck. "Don't worry." He managed to say. "I'm one of you!" He transformed into his Moltres morph. "Ahhh... good with some warmth. ((I have permission from Bakuphoon to write this:)) Ryan pulled his hand back. "Hmph." He...
  3. Hoeruo

    Closed Team Star**DONE**

    Re: Team Star Since they've already probably heard me, I might as well show myself. Jake thought, then, with some difficulty, walked towards them in the snow. "Hi. I suppose you heard me there." He said, freezing. "It sure is cold here, ain't it."
  4. Hoeruo

    The Spriter's Showcase!

    How about a Wailmer one? Or Wailord?
  5. Hoeruo

    Closed Team Star**DONE**

    Re: Team Star Jake woke up from some voices. He was in his human form right now, so he stood up without melting the snow. "Brrr... It's freezing cold here!" He said. He walked towards the noice. When he arrived there, he saw a Groudon morph, an Articuno morph and a Giratina morph. He stood...
  6. Hoeruo

    Closed Team Star**DONE**

    Re: Team Star Name: Jake Melt Pokemon mixed with/Dialga or Palkia: Moltres Gender: Male Age: 16 Personality: Happy most of the time. Jake loves to fly and soar in the sky. He loves fire and warm things. Special ability(s): He can blow fire from his mouth. Appearence/image: First is human form...
  7. Hoeruo

    Pokemon Haven

    Pokemon: Latios Nickname(Optional): Ios Age: Infinite Personality: Protects his little sister, Ias (My sister will control Ias(Latias) So reserve it for her.). Protective of his friends. Job(Optional): Guard of Arceus.
  8. Hoeruo

    Open Pokeshop

    Name: Sparkle Species: Vulpix Age: 7 Gender: Female Personality: Playful and shy. Sparkle love making friends. She hates water and mean people or pokèmon. Appearance: Vulpix If I am accepted, can I be catched? I think Vulpix is on the list of requests...
  9. Hoeruo

    Closed Team Star**DONE**

    Re: Team Star Nooo! If I join I have to be a human T.T And I wanted to be Moltres *Sniff* Oh well. Then I guess I wont join anyways :[ Sorry for bothering you.
  10. Hoeruo

    Pokemon Island

    Re: Pokemon Island (Still accepting) Pokemon: Lairon Appearance: Normal Lairon. He has a blue bandana on his left front foot. Personality: The defensive guy. He defends what he means and his friends and territory. He defends almost everything! He is also very Aggresive to things. He only...
  11. Hoeruo

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Denizens of Death

    "And X-Ray too..." Iron said low, careful not to make it so the others would hear him. They did'nt know about what was between him and X-Ray, and Iron hoped that they would'nt ever know. He started to look for berries. Iron didn't like berries, but he had to live. He would normally eat iron on...
  12. Hoeruo

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Denizens of Death

    Iron finished eating the Metapod, and started to follow Thorn, River and Liz. He was still hungry after the Metapod, and grabbed a pidgey in the trees, killed it, and started to eat the meat inside it. If I were a fire type, I would have roasted it... He thought.
  13. Hoeruo

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Denizens of Death

    Iron nodded at Bullet, then he started looking for food in the trees and bushes. He soon found a Metapod, teared it open, and then started eating the meat inside it. He then walked to the river, and started drinking, ignoring River. ((Remember that you people in my team don't trust me, cuz I've...
  14. Hoeruo

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Denizens of Death

    Iron awoke, and heard shouting nearby. A Vaporeon, a Swablu and a Skitty were playing near the river. Iron stood up and started to walk towards them when he heard Bullet, the Zangoose, shout something about the DoD. "They found us?" Iron shouted with his low, rumbling voice "How? When?" And...
  15. Hoeruo

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Denizens of Death

    Name: Iron Species: Aggron Appearance: Normal Aggron, except he got a crack on his skull helmet. Level: 65 Team: LF Personality: Serious. He is dangerous when angry. He likes to be alon and is not very social. He does'nt tell anyone about his past. Bio: When he was a Lairon, he joined D+G's...
  16. Hoeruo

    Hi, friend of Bakuphoon :) I accepted the frend request.

    Hi, friend of Bakuphoon :) I accepted the frend request.
  17. Hoeruo

    Erindor's Sprite/Avatar Shop!

    thanks, but could you make it 120x120? or it wont fit as my avvy.
  18. Hoeruo

    Erindor's Sprite/Avatar Shop!

    Avatar form: Pokemon sprite: Wailord Text: Lord of Wailords Text postition/color: Dark blue, in the upper left corner. Background: Something like a sea. btw, bakuphoon asks if you still have that avvy with the sprite she made.
  19. Hoeruo

    okey, I accepted the friend reqeust thing.

    okey, I accepted the friend reqeust thing.
  20. Hoeruo

    Castform... he has returned!

    hi castform. i'm Hoeruo, bakuphoons little brother. I will send you a friend requst okay?