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  1. EthioBromide

    what foreign languages do you speak?

    I can speak Amharic, which is Ethiopia's main Language, and a small amount Italian since my parent knew that too.
  2. EthioBromide

    this is art, i promise

    Well, you definitely kept your promise
  3. EthioBromide

    How would i do a ROM hack.

    Do you have the tools to rom hack a 3ds game, is the even possible without some more advanced tool? Idk much about rom hacking but I'd love to know how to do so.
  4. EthioBromide

    What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

    If I had to guess, Either a Murkrow or Wingull since they're common where I live. If not, most likely a Bunnelby, Zigzagoon, Picharisu or emolga. The one I want the most though is a Smeargle. (Sorry if I spelt the names wrong)
  5. EthioBromide

    Scott Pilgrim

    Well, ain't this place a time capsule and a half. Ten years later, and Ubisoft (MIGHT) bring back the game, though seeing discussion for the movie as if it just came out is really odd to see. Then again, the same could be said for this post in a few years. No idea if this will get a response...