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  1. Stryke

    Should artists be separated from their work?

    This has honestly been a question that I've pondered for a very long time, and one that I've never really come to a conclusion on. As an example, take Kanye West. He can be extraordinarily thick headed, idiotic, inconsiderate, and just downright rude (see: his social media posts and the 2009 MTV...
  2. Stryke

    [Wanted] Vivillon

    Hi, me again. I'm just 4 Vivillon away from completing my Living Dex, so I really need some help here. Right now, I need the Meadow and Monsoon patterns, so if you could donate those, let me know your price! As a final note, I'm still working on trade arrangements for the other 2 Vivillon, but...
  3. Stryke

    [Wanted] Poke Ball and Fancy Pattern Vivillon

    I'm trying to complete my Living Dex, and that includes alternate forms. And among the alternate forms I need are the various pattern of Vivillion. Now, I figure I can just reset my game a whole bunch of times and change my region to get all the geographical patterns, but that would still leave...
  4. Stryke

    Daycare Center: Reboot of a Reboot

    Daycare Center Pokémon Care and Group Play Facility Almost the second you ring the doorbell to the newly-constructed building near the starter shop, it swings open and a girl emerges, trailed by about twelve little baby Pokémon. She smiles. "Hello! You're one of our first guests." She...
  5. Stryke

    The Bank III

    The Bank It's probably the largest building in the strip-mall-sized commercial center of the Safari Zone. That's still not saying much, though; it's only a few square feet and staffed by a grand total of one person. Still, it does its job, which is to keep track of all of the tills and savings...
  6. Stryke

    Trump's first week in office.

    So, it's been a week, and so far, his wall has jumped from meme to reality, he nearly ruined U.S. relations with Mexico, and blocked all refugees coming into the U.S. for 120 days, blocked Syrian refugees indefinitely, and blocked entry to the U.S. for citizens of 7 mostly Muslim countries for...
  7. Stryke

    Rate my Tournament Team?

    So, I recently joined a mixed-tier tournament over on another Pokemon site, and I've come up with a team I think can get the job done effectively. However, I don't really have much faith in my ability to make good teams, since this is only my second tourney. So I want to know what you guys...
  8. Stryke


    I'm trying to complete my first ever living dex in Sun, and to do that, I need to evolve my Cottonee and Petilil. But to do that, I need Sun Stones, and the only obtainable Sun Stone not from Poke Pelago I must've traded away. So I need two Sun Stones, so if you have a spare, or you just know...
  9. Stryke

    The Friend Safari Gift Shop

    Next door to the Friend Safari, connected by only a small vestibule to it, you notice that there lies a modern-looking shop with huge windows and a sign reading The Friend Safari Gift Shop. Deciding to see what the shop is like, you head over and walk inside. Inside, there are boxes...
  10. Stryke

    BBCode Pokemon sprites gone?

    So, I was making a new post in my Safari Zone, and I used a BBCode for the party sprite of Tynamo. But it wouldn't show up in the post! I looked through my older posts on my zone, and other zones as well, and only some of the sprites showed up, but not others. Are you guys experiencing this too...
  11. Stryke

    How did you get into Pokemon?

    Everyone on this forum has, one way or another, heard about, found out about, or seen Pokemon and decided to get into it. Otherwise, we probably wouldn't be on this forum. That said, how DID you find about it? I'll start: One day, when I was 5 or 6, I flew up north with my family to visit my...
  12. Stryke

    Pokemon GO Field Testing available to US, Australia, and New Zealand

    For all of our US, New Zealand, and Australian users (which is a pretty good chunk of our users), Pokemon GO field testing for us is... well, a go! It has been formally announced on the Pokemon website yesterday. You can sign up right here.
  13. Stryke

    Friend Safari 2.0

    I've been meaning to get this idea out of my head and onto paper the forum. Also, we're a bit overdue for a new zone. Boring forewords aside, here is the stuff you probably want to look at first. ================================================== "You've arrived at Kiloude Station, please enjoy...
  14. Stryke


    Well... Hi! My name is Stryke123. It comes from the beta name for Scyther, and scythers national pokedex number. Not that Scyther is my favorite pokemon, its just its beta name is really cool! (My real favorite Pokemon is Probopass, so no cracks about his design in my presence) And WOW, I'm...