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  1. Z

    I'm not sure. I just found it a while ago whilst in a particularly odd mood, haha. I like it too.

    I'm not sure. I just found it a while ago whilst in a particularly odd mood, haha. I like it too.
  2. Z

    Hey, i noted that you talked about Oklahoma being the "buckle of the Bible Belt". Is that really...

    Hey, i noted that you talked about Oklahoma being the "buckle of the Bible Belt". Is that really so? I live in Lubbock, Texas, and have always considered this to be the center of the buckle of the Bible Belt. IIRC, we have the largest number of churches per capita in the nation (or that's...
  3. Z

    Products of our Environments

    Well, that seems indicative of mental illness. I think most would agree that mental illness is not a choice and people with mental illnesses aren't really aware of what's "evil" about their actions, in contrast with someone who is in a mentally "normal" condition who would actively strive...
  4. Z

    Forum Shippings?

    Eh. I don't see why anyone cares. We are/were young and took this shit semi-seriously too. Hahahahahahahahaha. Ha. This is awesome.
  5. Z

    Products of our Environments

    You're suggesting the possibility of a third nameless influence alongside genetics and environment, which so far in this discussion seem to be the totality of the natural universe's influence on a person's decisions, assuming the broad definition of environment everyone seems to favor. It sounds...
  6. Z

    Products of our Environments

    I believe what uv means by "naturally predetermined" is really "supernaturally predetermined", as eru seems to suggest. Thus a supernatural predetermination of actions would make the notion of a person's genes influencing their decisions meaningless. (Or ... redundant? Not sure how to express it...
  7. Z

    What year did you join TCoDf?

    November 2004, apparently. Nothing you say will ever dissuade me from believing that this is not so.
  8. Z

    You know you've been at TCoD too long when

    That was quite a while ago. Ojojojoj. Dang, unless i'm really stupid, that was over seven years ago. Suddenly i am struck with some vague recollection of you and marshmallows. I wish i didn't have such a shit memory.
  9. Z

    You know you've been at TCoD too long when

    Do you remember when i joined? Because i don't. I remember asking for a ton of Rattata sprites colored like gerbils and i remember the Light Mightyena thread happening somewhat recently after i joined though.
  10. Z

    Funny things teachers/ professors have said

    My engineering professor, who is from Brazil and speaks English as a second language, once remarked after someone hiccuped: "Now ... i know that when someone sneezes, you say 'bless you' ... what do you say after that? I will say 'bless you' anyway." My calculus professor makes funny...
  11. Z

    Spring 2012 Timetables

    Aa jag har hört av KTH förr. I can admit that "Magister Chen" sounds quite nice. Jag tycker du kunde lära väl. I'm not sure what i'd look for in a graduate program. Probably Computer Science, if i head to study at that level.
  12. Z

    Spring 2012 Timetables

    Vilken ingenjör typ studerar du att bli? Electrical/computer seems quite promising. (Och känns som jag har frågat dig förr. Oh well.)
  13. Z

    Spring 2012 Timetables

    I am excited. Modern Digital System Design History of Mathematics Higher Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists I [Differential Equations] Programming Principles II - C++ Organization of American Government
  14. Z

    Imperial or Metric?

    i'm american and i don't know imperial. it's fucking stupid.
  15. Z

    Academic discipline of choice

    @linguistics, i like seeing how languages have changed and are changing, mostly. thinking about what english will be like in the future fascinates me. i like seeing connections between sister languages and their predecessors. english is a fun language, since so much of our vocabulary is...
  16. Z

    Academic discipline of choice

    linguistics (to the degree that "a love of studying languages" is a study of linguistics) and i'll be studying computer engineering
  17. Z

    Behind the Avatar, Redux

  18. Z

    The "Fwee" thread II

    wow, something good's happening. here's to hoping my expectations aren't too high and reality makes the cut.
  19. Z


    i heard a rumor that one of our own members is in akinator's database (Vondell) and by "i heard i rumor" i mean "i know for a fact" pretty sweet
  20. Z

    Racism & Other Prejudices

    well, i don't understand this viewpoint, so i'm sorry if i've offended you. i don't understand reclamation (queer and Jew are still used offensively where i live) and anything else. being genderless or genderqueer or however someone would want to put it, i thought i'd be able to grasp it, but i...