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  1. nothing to see here

    Interesting maybe-coincidence: Latios/Latias design and a 1999 UFO photo

    While poking around on Facebook tonight, I stumbled across this page when one of my friends posted a link: http://www.ufointernationalproject.com/latest-news/atmospheric-monster-space/ Scrolling through, I noticed one pictured looked oddly familiar. Not the colors, of course (it's all gray...
  2. nothing to see here

    So... why is there no "10% boost" item for the Fairy type?

    Just noticed that they don't seem to have introduced one of the "type-boosting" held items despite introducing a new type. There's one of the one-use gems for it, but not the regular held item like Charcoal, Mystic Water, and so on. Any idea why? They just kinda forgot to put one in, or what?
  3. nothing to see here

    Let's say nice things about gen 4

    ...the 4th generation games are generally disliked? Weird. The 4th generation is probably my favorite one of the bunch, actually. Diamond/Pearl got me back into Pokémon after years of disinterest, and I still think Platinum and HG/SS were probably the best main-series Pokémon games so far, at...
  4. nothing to see here

    Suggestions Mohacimim

    Um, no, it's actually however the heck someone wants to combine the words "fake" and "Pokémon." It's a made-up term and both spellings (...or really, "accented" or "accentless" spellings, since it's the same letters in both cases) are VERY common. "Fakemon" without the accent mark on the e and...
  5. nothing to see here

    NaNoWriMo 2014

    That's what I'm doing. Picking up where I left off last year, since I started a week late last year and only got into the 30,000ish range by the end. I figure continuing an old story is perfectly fine so long as you don't count previously written bits toward your 50,000 for this year (that's...
  6. nothing to see here

    Not in a million years

    My first impressions of Dragonball Z, Super Mario RPG, and Earthbound were all somewhere on the scale from "this looks dumb" to "eh"... and then all three of them ended up on my list of favorite games/shows/etc. once I actually got around to them. Yes! Swing dancing (and really, any sort of...
  7. nothing to see here

    Let's Play Pokemon 'Diamond' - Keitai Denjuu Telefang

    Ah, okay. I know what you're talking about now; just never heard them called "armadillo bugs" before.
  8. nothing to see here

    Let's Play Pokemon 'Diamond' - Keitai Denjuu Telefang

    Yeah, most of the game's monsters are "features from several species" sorts of things it seems. Not sure where you're getting "bug" from, but "round spiky armored hippo with bird legs" sounds about right. There's no curled-up shell though... they just have a really round body. The actually...
  9. nothing to see here

    Pokemon Headcanons

    This! But extended to most (if not all) of the Pokémon that wear clothes, not just those two. In a realistic Pokémon world where every individual of a species didn't have to look the same due to game console limitations, you'd see clothed Pokémon with a lot more variety than just the "standard...
  10. nothing to see here

    Puckamon, the OHRRPGCE Pokémon tribute/parody/etc. game! [Image-heavy]

    Re: Puckamon, the OHRRPGCE Pokémon tribute/parody/etc. game! [Image-heavy] I'm confused by why you're asking for me to send you the zip file in an email... the download link for this game is right there in the first post (right below all the screenshots.)
  11. nothing to see here

    Let's Play Pokemon 'Diamond' - Keitai Denjuu Telefang

    So a spiky hippo is a dodo, and spiky dolphin/narwhal/something (...I think the lowest form of this one sorta looked more like a flying spiky stingray? not quite so ray-shaped in its later forms though) is a bird, apparently. XD That kinda reminds me of some of my odd misinterpretations of some...
  12. nothing to see here

    Okédoké! La Leyenda Mexicana [image-heavy]

    Re: Okédoké! La Leyenda Mexicana [image-heavy] Just popping in briefly to let whoever might be interested know that Okédoké is finished, and you can now download the complete version of the game! All 6 chapters are finished now, and I've also gone back and fixed bugs, added a bunch of stuff to...
  13. nothing to see here


    I vaguely remember a dream last night where I found some sort of strange sports card type things... except the names were really weird. One guy was just named "Anus" (no last name or anything) and somebody else had a name that was pronounced "Benjaminion" (yes, like Benjamin and "minion" fused...
  14. nothing to see here

    That's supposed to cure THAT?

    I've noticed that holding a cut onion up against bee stings definitely does seem to reduce the swelling, itching, etc. compared to stings that were not onion-ed. That's not as weird as the bacon wart thing though (it'd be nice to finally have a use for bacon, though, since I can't stand eating...
  15. nothing to see here

    Super Smash Bros 4

    A bit of a late reply, but... this is false. The name "Red" isn't just seen as canonical by fans because it's the first name on the default list, or because the manga calls him that. His name is Red every time he appears as an NPC in the games (such as the battle at the top of Mt. Silver in...
  16. nothing to see here


    Two dreams the other night. In one, I was walking into a classroom where these two girls were talking about fighting monsters or something along those lines, and I just told them that reminded me of high school and showed them a scar on the back of my right hand as I passed by them on the way...
  17. nothing to see here

    R/B/Y Pokemon Yellow 2 to Pokemon Yellow 5

    If they want to make more games based on the Pokémon anime, they should really run on a completely different engine than the main games. Yellow was only vaguely related to the anime (it's more "Red/Blue's upgraded third version" than anything else)... the only things that really clearly link...
  18. nothing to see here

    Pokemon X/Y

    My first thought was "wow, that's the most obvious ripoff of Digimon ever." Think about it: new "evolved forms" which are temporary transformations used in battle, usually look like bigger/tougher/more-elaborately-detailed versions of the previous form (but occasionally come across as smaller...
  19. nothing to see here

    Pokédex "height"... height, length, or what?

    Re: Pokédex "height"... height, length, or what? Yeah, the height range is assuming Ash's Pikachu is 1'04" or at least somewhat close to that size. Why would you assume that a Pikachu's size would be drastically different between the two just because the anime and games are separate? The...
  20. nothing to see here

    Pokemon X/Y

    Death isn't evil, though. It's a necessary part of the world. Overpopulation is pretty horrific already, but imagine how bad it would be if nothing ever died. Also, Dark is actually called "Evil type" in Japan. Yet there's never been very many (if any) Dark-types that seem truly "evil"...