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  1. YetiPenguin

    The Unsolved Mysteries We Take for Granted

    I have a few things that have to do with the amazing POKEMON CENTER: 1) How the heck does Nurse Joy's little flashy machine cure your Pokemon?! Is it some alien technology? Are the Nurse Joys slowly gathering information from our world, waiting to call the Mothership and start the invasion? Beam...
  2. YetiPenguin

    Involuntary Twitch vs. Little Dawgie

    --Active Squads-- -Involuntary Twitch --[Ganteiana] Torchic (F) <Blaze> --[Teropea] Tropius (F) <Chlorophyll> --[Waita] Spheal (M) <Thick Fat> --[Phanel] Kadabra (M) <Synchronize> -Lil' Dawgie --[Amaturasu] Riolu (F) <Inner Focus> --[Alya] Duskull (F) <Levitate> --[Aysu] Chinchou (F) <Volt...
  3. YetiPenguin

    The Challenge Board

    I'll be taking Involuntary Twitch vs. Lil' Dawgie. This is my first reffing, I hope you don't mind. Will be up in uno momento.
  4. YetiPenguin

    Bank of TCoD

    Allowance, yays. 6+3=9 (Uh, by the way, I though that I had $6, not 3$ before this transaction. Correct me if I'm wrong.)
  5. YetiPenguin

    [09] Psymon vs rock-ground vs YetiPenguin

    Hm... That went well, even though we used a bit more energy than I hoped... OK, this round: First action, use Will-O-Wisp on Dodrio, 'cause I'm such a pyro. Then... Let's hit hard with another Charge Beam on Dodrio. Again. On the final action, use Taunt on Dodrio. If your Special Attack got...
  6. YetiPenguin

    Referee Headquarters

    I'd like to apply as a Novice Ref, so here's the reffed mock-up: I believe that I did fairly well for my first try.
  7. YetiPenguin

    Bank of TCoD

    Collecting allowance. $3 + $3 = $6
  8. YetiPenguin

    The Challenge Board

    Meh, I need to battle, so I'll take this: Profile, woot.
  9. YetiPenguin

    [09] Psymon vs rock-ground vs YetiPenguin

    Re: [09] Psymon vs rock-ground OK, Terror, let's do this. We want to do a little damage before that Pursuit hits, so let's use a Sucker Punch on Dodrio to start it off. Then use a Charge Beam on Dodrio. End your turn with Protect, since Toxic is nasty. However, if Dodrio doesn't use Toxic on...
  10. YetiPenguin

    [09] Psymon vs rock-ground vs YetiPenguin

    Re: [09] Psymon vs rock-ground (Ref: moon-panther) I'll take the Dusclops and temporarily nickname him Terror. Pretty good arena for my first battle, I suppose.
  11. YetiPenguin

    League Championship 2009

    *Coughs* Er, Negrek, I kinda signed up and you didn't put me in any matches or add me to the list. Did I miss something?
  12. YetiPenguin

    League Championship 2009

    I'll sign up! Finally a battle that someone will be forced to ref!
  13. YetiPenguin

    You're Invited!

    *Gets eaten by a shark* ;_; I wanted to go surfing, THEN get eaten... I invite to to Nothingness!
  14. YetiPenguin

    Open Hybrid's War

    Uh, can I reserve one human and one hybrid? I need a little time for the profiles.
  15. YetiPenguin

    Customs and Registration Thread

    Registration~ Name: YetiPenguin Friend Code: 4812-3013-8779(Pt) Role: N/A I'll get my PBR code soon, too.
  16. YetiPenguin

    The "Fwee" Thread

    Last day of school, YES!
  17. YetiPenguin

    LSD Dream Emulator

    Dear God, I'm glad this is a Japan-only release. If it was easily accessible in the US, every single one of my friends would be playing/trying to get me to play. This. Is. Creepy.
  18. YetiPenguin

    Find your Pokemon.

    First name gives me: skiploom Uh... Middle name gives me: Ampharos Better. Last name gives me: entei Just. Plain. Awesome. Full name gives me: ivysaur This was just a letdown. So... mostly Grass. O_O
  19. YetiPenguin

    The Clue Game

    Oh, thanks, Chewy! That was murder. Now I'm stuck on four. *Shot*
  20. YetiPenguin

    The New "Pokésonas?"

    Re: The New "Pokésonas?" I just threw this together in a few minutes, though I plan to extensively use him. This is Valiant, who is actually part-Fakemon. A genetic mutation caused Valiant's molecular structure to be constantly rearranging, always adapting his type and moveset to trump the...