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  1. MentheLapin

    Nintendo Direct conferences: 21st April

    Nintendo have announced a third impromptu conference - we could get used to these! Europe: you get a conference hosted by the president of Nintendo of Europe at 1pm tomorrow. Japan: you get a conference hosted by Iwata tomorrow morning. The Swapnote that came with this information featured a...
  2. MentheLapin

    And then I was back. Again.

    It seems every time I try to return to this forum, I end up losing track of it and disappearing again. Anyway, for those of you who don't know me, I'm MentheLapin. I like video games, showtunes, and men, and that's all. I'm awful at describing myself, so I'll let my posting do the talking...
  3. MentheLapin

    Your favourite game

    Games affect us in a worryingly large amount of ways. Some games wow us with revolutionary gameplay, others with an entrancing story. Some just take what's perfect about gaming and roll it all into one. And, of course, we all harbour feelings for that one game that we can't stay away from...
  4. MentheLapin

    What national holiday is on your birthday?

    Here's a big list of what the page calls "national" "days". (No it's not, it's down. The same list can be found here, although take caution: it's a damn ugly site.) There are some odd ones there - My Bucket's Got A Hole In It Day, anyone? ...so what "national" "day" falls on your birthday? I'm...
  5. MentheLapin

    Hello again, etc.

    (alternate title: "Flying Mint Bunny II: This Time, It's Personal") Some of you might remember me as ShadScy, Yoshiya Kiryu, FlyingMintBunny, Blooregard Q. Kazoo, or even recently as MentheLapin. (I changed my username a lot.) Most, perhaps not. I used to frequently lurk the boards but found I...
  6. MentheLapin


    Backloggery is, as the description supplied by the site itself suggests, a website that helps you clear your backlog of unfinished games and keep a record of your collection. It's pretty handy. It also has a feature called the Multitap which allows you to keep a network of people you know and...
  7. MentheLapin

    Destiny Deoxys to finally be released in the UK

    Source. Although most people who are interested in the movies have probably watched it online, the seventh movie is to finally get a release in the UK. The last DVD released was Jirachi Wishmaker (the sixth) and when Cartoon Network UK took up airing of the series, it began airing the films at...
  8. MentheLapin

    Pokemon Black Community Run

    Haithur, TCoD. I have a proposition for you... A community run is a runthrough of a Pokemon game during which people give the runner six eggs to use. The runner has no idea what they are until they hatch, and they have to use them in the run. They can't use any outside Pokemon (not even their...
  9. MentheLapin

    Anticipated Video Games

    It's like the opposite of the "What Games Are You Playing" thread. Which games are you currently waiting for the release of? Mine would have to be: Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute (November 2011) - DS Fantasy Life (Late 2011) - 3DS Time Travellers (God only knows) - 3DS Ni no Kuni...
  10. MentheLapin

    Describing Pokemon

    Is it worth it? Is it assumed that the reader knows what the Pokemon are, in the same way that you wouldn't describe a dog as being a "furry brown four-legged creature with a wagging tail" but rather a "brown dog"?
  11. MentheLapin

    Setting Up Shop

    Welp, I finally decided to go ahead and try to catch every Pokemon in the Unova Dex. Of course, that means I would have to get some outside help. The Pokemon I'll need are as follows: Snivy/Servine/Serperior Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott Pansear/Simisear Panpour/Simipour Sawk Cottonee/Whimisicott...
  12. MentheLapin


    Did a quick search, and surprisingly, seeing as a few people on here have Tumblr, didn't see a thread like this. I guess this is just a collection of TCoDers' Tumblr pages. I'm following a couple of you, but I won't put them on here in case you don't want them on here. Le List: Username -...
  13. MentheLapin

    Randomised Signatures?

    I've noticed that a few people around have had randomly generating signatures that change every time a post by said user is viewed. I was just wondering how that was done? [Probably a stupid question...]
  14. MentheLapin

    What's your New Year's Resolution?

    Dat topic title. Do you have a New Year's Resolution yet? What is it? I'm curious :3
  15. MentheLapin

    It's Christmas!

    ...just in case you hadn't noticed. Use this thread to wish Merry Christmas to fellow forum-goers and discuss your oh-so amazing Christmas stories [from this year or the past] I guess. Or other things :3 ...All I have to say is merry Christmas, I hope you get everything you want, have a...
  16. MentheLapin

    If you had been born the opposite sex, what would you have been named?

    To the best of your knowledge, of course. I saw this thread from like two years ago and I was like "Wowwww how did this not survive". I do hope it's okay if I bring this back, I found it quite interesting. I, like my brothers before me, would have been called Bethany. *shudder*
  17. MentheLapin

    Santa Avatar Month!

    This month is December. Oh my gosh. December contains Christmas. Oh my goodness. Christmas means Santa Claus. Holy poo-poo, ShadScy! Tell me more! Well then I shall. I vote we make December a month where we draw Santa hats/costumes/beards onto our avatars, to get everyone into the...
  18. MentheLapin

    In Progress The Shadow and the Holy Man (oh look ShadScy writes too but it's not really any good)

    I am obviously so cool I do my NaNo in December. Basically I got a cool idea for a story that is totally not inspired by the Eternal Diva. And here is the prologue :o Prologue The shadow smiled to itself, and rightly so. All the hard work had finally been paid off – untold fortune was its...
  19. MentheLapin

    Anyone here use RPG Maker?

    Oh look read the topic title it has a perfectly good question in it. I was just wondering, seeing as YouTube seems to have quite a tight-knit community of RM users, and I can imagine that there would be at least one or two among this forum.
  20. MentheLapin

    The return of ShadScy! :o

    Nobody here is going to remember me but here I am again after about 12 months ^_^ Maybe, just maybe, I'll stick around longer than about two weeks. So... yeah, hi. :sweatdrop: