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  1. RedneckPhoenix

    [Sign-Ups] Killing Game RP

    The ones with the most potential, the pinnacles of humanity, the future- people of such high stature are generally referred to as “Ultimates”. 16 or so, tbd, of these marvelous people decide to attend the Pinnacle Temple, a complex at the peak of the Blossom Tower, tallest in the world. They...
  2. RedneckPhoenix

    [Interest Check] A Killing Game RP

    Right! This isn't a sign-up thread, first of all. I'd prefer to, you know, check interest first to see if people wanna do this. Basically, I had an idea that's probably not very original, right. Danganronpa has a really interesting premise which allows for a lot of character interaction, so...
  3. RedneckPhoenix


    You awake from a DEEP SLUMBER, with a KILLER HANGOVER. Your SOFA of GREAT QUALITY has served your slumbering purposes well, but it is time to leave it behind. You need to start your day with some PRODUCTIVITY. It would appear that your basement room is FULL OF ARTSTYLE-VARYING CAPYBARAS, all...
  4. RedneckPhoenix

    Trinket Vs. Shy: It's Not Vandalism If It Involves Pokemon

    Two trainers are having a nice walk together, catching up on each other's lives, and generally having a good time. The sidewalk they walk on turns into low-quality mulch as the duo realizes something. They just entered a motherfucking playground. And it's one of the good ones, with swings and...
  5. RedneckPhoenix

    Stryke Vs. Keldeo: Type Terrain Tumble!

    A duo of trainers enters the domed facility. They were drawn to this place, as, aside from their natural adventurers’ instinct, they were told by a wild-eyed trainer back at the Asber League HQ that this was “a totally kick-ass place to battle,” so of course they had to throw down there...
  6. RedneckPhoenix

    Spooky Scary Mafia

    Aw, man. After entering the spooky mansion, the doors all swung shut, and now they're locked! You all got a message from a child with a spinning head. "In this time of betrayal and dread, You may only leave when the traitors are dead. What a creep. ---------------------- This game features a...
  7. RedneckPhoenix

    Good Ol' Fashioned PokéMafia

    Good Ol' Fashioned PokéMafia Night falls on the town. The seven inhabitants sleep peacefully, not knowing that disaster would soon strike. NIGHT ZERO HAS BEGUN. 48 HOURS FOR NIGHT ACTIONS.
  8. RedneckPhoenix

    Good Ol' Fashioned PokéMafia

    Good Ol' Fashioned PokéMafia Well, it's been quite a while, hasn't it? The lost art of Mafia hasn't seen use for quite some time... But let's get past that! It's time for a game, goddamnit! The most ultimate of Pokemon battles, the PokéMafia, has been reborn. Keep in mind that I'm a little...
  9. RedneckPhoenix

    Awesome Birthdays

    so, as it's my birthday as i'm writing it, I have memories coming back from all of them. Just list your amazing birthday parties/presents here. I'll go first. So, for my 13th birthday, I got to fly a plane. I flew a plane. The instructor was near the controls in case I needed help, but I took...
  10. RedneckPhoenix

    Totally not a secret agency Mafia

    Welcome to the totally nondescript office, that is DEFINITELY not a front for a secret organization full of specialty agents. We sell, uh... bread? Bread. Yes, our organization is Lead Bread. Wait, no, there's no lead in our bread... ah, whatever. If we did so happen to be a secret organization...
  11. RedneckPhoenix

    Welcome, AngryQueso52!

    this is some dude i'm friends with in real life so you should all go say hi to him
  12. RedneckPhoenix

    Requests Open give me an idea for a drawing and i'll ruin it

    so i've been drawing a lot of joke images recently, like fish with shanks and the like, so i thought, "hey, why not let people give me their ideas for something to ruin?" so here i am give ideas. like any ideas whatsoever. i'll post the product here.
  13. RedneckPhoenix

    The "Prove you wrong" club

    You know those times when you're playing Smash Bros. or TF2 with a friend and they talk some serious shit about a character, and then you choose that character out of spite and kick their respective asses to show them that, yes, I DO use this character. Got a problem? yeah this is a club for...
  14. RedneckPhoenix

    Butterfree's Birthday thingies

    Haiku - Procrastinated Did not finish writing your Super cool essay I am very dumb for wasting all of my time looking at dank memes, Limerick - There was a moron named Phoenix Who was lazier than piles of sticks He tried to make an essay but he wasted his days Now his reputation is full of...
  15. RedneckPhoenix

    Favorite Pokemon Cities!

    It's a thread where you state your favorite cities/towns in the game and why. I like Castelia. It's realistic, how the best treat in the region actually has a line and can sell out and how there's actual advertisements for things and how there's an actual sewer system that's structured to...
  16. RedneckPhoenix

    Exploding Kittens

    So, a few of you may know of a card game called Exploding Kittens. A few people played it online. Well, now there's a mobile version. It works rather like Jackbox games, where you can enter a code to join a game with friends, but if you don't have those you can play with randoms. It costs a few...
  17. RedneckPhoenix

    Wonder Trade funsies

    So wonder trades are fun, you never know what you're going to get. You can get a zigzagoon, or a sentret, or whatever. But what I like to do is take a Pokemon, give it a funny name, and then trade 'em. For example, today I cought a Gumshoos in a heal ball and named it PrettyInPink. I got an...
  18. RedneckPhoenix

    Pokemon Quests

    So, this isn't quests per se, but really just stuff you're really determined to do. For instance. It is my personal quest to breed a shiny Luvdisc. Post yours.
  19. RedneckPhoenix


    So Nintendo recently announced/revealed a trailer for the project previously know as the NX - the Nintendo Switch. If you haven't heard about it, either go watch a video or listen to me crappily describe it. Basically, it's a console that can SWITCH into a handheld, with multiple different...
  20. RedneckPhoenix

    Awesome Aussies

    Awesome Aussies So, my family has this thing, where ever since we got a puppy a few tears back who wan an australian shepherd, all we've done is bought variations of that breed. Now, we own a regular australian shepherd named Bandit and a toy aussie named Gizmo. Until today. Today, I'm getting...