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  1. pancakeswordsman

    Barack Obama! The 44th President!!

    This is very, very very, very very, very very, very very, very very, very very, very very, very very, very very, very very, very very, veryvery, very very, very very, very very, very very, very very, veryvery, very very, very very, very very, very very, very very, very horribly aweful.
  2. pancakeswordsman

    Rulers of the Universe

    Sorry, I just felt sorry for the poor guy. Just kinda seemed like you were toying with the person's head or something...
  3. pancakeswordsman

    Smash Dojo: SSBB club

    Can I join or is this exlusive? ^_^ I love SSBB! My favorite character has to be Meta Knight. Behold my Power! *Shink* Ping! Metaknight wins!
  4. pancakeswordsman

    Happy Birthday! ^_^

    Happy Birthday! ^_^
  5. pancakeswordsman

    what is your favorite legendary pokemon?

    My favorite legendary is Mewtwo. Because, he is just immersed in awesomeness sauce! My second favorite is Mew (big suprise XD) My third favorite is Lugia and my last favorite is Groudon.
  6. pancakeswordsman

    [XD] The Orre Colosseum: Challenge of the Century

    Well from my stand point, that brings two pokemon of the same type on the same team. Sure they may have awesome stats, movesets, resistances, etc. but I would eliminate just one, and maybe include a Sableye.
  7. pancakeswordsman

    What do you want to see in the 5th gen?

    Quote: "Ooooh How about a Water/Ghost type... like an undead fish-thing that was caught and never thrown back into the water Also maybe a plain Flying type. None of this Normal/Flying crap. Uh... really cool sprites. Also a crapload of Ghost Pokemon. <3 Ghosts. Some cool, not useless Normal...
  8. pancakeswordsman

    Yes or no?

    This is more random then the Almight Random Poll! I love it!
  9. pancakeswordsman

    Question-Making a site

    And Eonlight Valley has some good HTML tutorials that will most likely put you in the right direction. And if you ARE looking for a host, check Freewebs.
  10. pancakeswordsman

    Do you, or would you, pay for hosting?

    Freewebs of course. No ads, no pop-ups, no problem. Meh. I don't see the reason in paying money for a name.
  11. pancakeswordsman

    I don't have vistors do I? T_T

    I don't have vistors do I? T_T
  12. pancakeswordsman

    Rulers of the Universe

    Bye bye Spoilers!
  13. pancakeswordsman

    What's your birthday on the the tCoD Zodiac?

    How come February 6 has no special mention of being Mewtwo's birthday? (Not making this up, just check the journals in Pokemon Mansion)
  14. pancakeswordsman

    A different anime?

    Hm... I don't know. The kiddie audiance might go "OMG! NEW POKEMON SHO!!!111one" and go watch it, cry to their parents/ parents complain, the company get's yelled out etc. etc. But I don't think we need it be aimed at a older audience, (it would be nice!) they just need to get more inspired...
  15. pancakeswordsman

    Ash + Misty Avatars

    That's a good artist!
  16. pancakeswordsman

    High Pitched Voices?

    Very true. Very True. But give 'em some slack, eh? They are trying there hardest to sound like the characters they portray, having to match voice flaps, content standards, what the old actors sounded like etc. etc.
  17. pancakeswordsman

    Best Match for Satoshi/Ash

    Palletshipping? Okay, because that makes since (sarcasm). They HATE each other. HATE. And, I'm pretty sure the writers would write Ash as a straight person considering they are mostly male and staight (one of the producers even said we have new girls in the Anime all the time so they can wear...
  18. pancakeswordsman

    How Long Until Fifth Gen?

    5th Generation??? We haven't been through 4th very long!
  19. pancakeswordsman

    What ships do you sail?

    Oh, God. This will definetly start flame wars. But for my shipping selections I pick Rocketshipping. I mean they even got married in manga! Then I would pick PokeShipping. Because there opposite personalities would be very funny to depict or write for in manga, anime, fan stuff, that and May...
  20. pancakeswordsman

    Hi, vistors! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

    Hi, vistors! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!