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  1. walter

    The Clue Game

    I need help to!
  2. walter

    How many Shiny Pokemon do you have?

    I have 3 and I got them ALL with out cheating. -Poochyena -Shinx -Sneasel
  3. walter

    The Clue Game

    Eon is right. Your going to have to be a little more detailed with the clue.
  4. walter

    Sum other users up as Pokemon.

    katsu_midnight - Slightly weighted meowth... Bwhahahahahahahaha! Eon Spirit - Ho-Ho Becasue He know EVERYTHING about Pokemon......It's quite sad actually.
  5. walter

    The Clue Game

    for #9 "It's a pokemon game"
  6. walter

    Open Pokemon Remanants: Seeds of Chaos

    The three sisters looked at eachother and smiled. "Alright sisters" said Remus "I have heard that there is a cave a few miles from here" "In that cave is a very valuble item" Kiri smiled "Well How much is it worth?" she asked. Serenity sighed "Is all you ever think about money?" "No, I also...
  7. walter

    Open Pokemon Remanants: Seeds of Chaos

    Team Name: Team Helsing Name: Remus Species: Umbreon Age: 18 Gender: Female Attacks: Toxic, Psychic, Sucker Punch, Iron Tail. Personality: Remus is kind and caring, though outgoing at times, and is a good friend. Appearance: Remus looks like a basic Umbreon with a single earring on both ears...
  8. walter

    The Clue Game

    You don't suck. It's just that number 7 is hard.
  9. walter

    Find your Pokemon.

    Olivia = Rhydon Karen = Pupatar Dawes = Ho-Ho Fritsch (My mothers last name) = Corosola Kat (my nickname)= Ninetails
  10. walter


    Hello, my name is Walter and I am new. I just recently accquired the new pokemon game and have almost made my way half through the game.