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  1. Yenaa

    Which skin/style do you use?

    Minimal Dewgong because minimalism. It's also just really nice to look at. Everything is soft and clean.
  2. Yenaa

    Creating a Metropolis

    :O I'm really excited that I found this because I was designing a massive city that is similar to yours. I was also inspired by Gotham and Batman. xD Considering that your city is based on a peninsula, a name with Cape would be cool. Or maybe Pacific City (As opposed to Atlantic City). Here are...
  3. Yenaa

    Toll The Bells.

    This is phenomenal! :D It seems like it's orated by a omniscient being. For some reason it reminds me of Slowking from Pokemon 2000. Nonetheless, it's really good. The Suicune Stanza has one extra line than Entei's and Raikou's and that throws the stanza off a bit. The other paragraphs are four...
  4. Yenaa

    Parental love.

    I love kids, but I understand your argument. You birth this kid into the world, it gives you momentary happiness, then simply becomes an economic and psychological burden. They constantly get into trouble, want your money and seem to live only to annoy you in every possible way. The fact that...
  5. Yenaa

    One-Shot Io

    I hope I'm not reviving this, but I think this is a good little flash fiction! It has character and it's a tragic love story. I wish it was a little more elaborate. I understand the mystery, but a bit of description of how Io looks, why the narrator was out in the forest, what these Thoros...
  6. Yenaa

    Indigo Plateau

    Great website! Love the layout. :o
  7. Yenaa

    Sword Of Aeons

    Homepage - Sword of Aeons is my small video gaming community that I would like to share with the world. I have a vision for fans to have an inviting social website to come to, join and interact with other fans of various games. Sword of Aeons allows users to create content about their games...
  8. Yenaa

    .htaccess help

    I tried using Options +FollowSymLinks, but I don't think my server allows it. I keep getting 500 Errors.
  9. Yenaa

    .htaccess help

    Hi everyone. I'm having a bit of trouble with my Pokedex. I'm trying to shorten the URL from something long to something easier for users to use. I would like it to go from: http://ds.rothion.com/pokedex/view_pokedex.php?id=Muk to http://ds.rothion.com/pokedex/Muk/ Can anyone help me? I'm so...
  10. Yenaa

    Menu gets messed up

    Their host may not support SSI. PE2k for instance, can't use it because of their host. Anyways, what you can do is make your content an iframe named content. Then make all your navigation links in this format. <a href="link.htm" target="content">Link</a>.
  11. Yenaa

    Suggestions Mediocre Cartography

    Hi everyone. :P I'm Yenaa, as you know. Below are some of my various maps that I've made. I rarely accept request, but I'm willing to take suggestions on what kinds of maps to make. I need some work with my water routes. :P Most of these maps are for various failed region projects and I plan on...
  12. Yenaa

    Best Sprites?

    Donphan is chubby. :/ It think it looks great. It's not supposed to be skinny. It's an elephant. Elephants are fat. It's round because it needs to be to curl up into a ball and use Rollout. It's stubby legs. What? It's short. It not a giraffe.
  13. Yenaa

    Best Sprites?

    I like the tranquility of FR/LG sprites. RS sprites were ok sometimes. Kinda bland in retrospect. DP sprites were so boring and posed. They weren't natural. Some Plat sprites were good. I love Magmortar's Platinum sprite. Others were justed flipped frames. Some HGSS sprites look stupid. The...
  14. Yenaa

    The HeartGold/SoulSilver Status Thread

    About to challenge the Elite Four. :) Pretty happy with my team. Feraligatr, Magmortar, Alakazam, Skarmory, Nidoking and Bellossom (lol Bellossom is so random) xD
  15. Yenaa

    PHP Upload Problem

    Hm, I seemed to have solved the problem, though I wanted it to save the name as the user or at least something recognizable, like avatar_1. Oh well. What I did was I used a query to snatch the avatar-in-use, and used str_replace to get rid of the "http://ds.rothion.com/...." so it's just the...
  16. Yenaa

    PHP Upload Problem

    I haven't assigned it a task yet, just in case it might conflict with something someone else suggests. It will limit the amount of bytes an image can have. I'm thinking of finding a way to save it as a certain name, perhaps something corresponding with the $_SESSION['username']. So there will...
  17. Yenaa

    PHP Upload Problem

    So I've been working on using PHP to make a user control panel for a project for my site. I got the profile to work just I wanted it to, but am having a bit of a problem with avatars. Basically, I'm using this form to upload the image to my server: <form enctype="multipart/form-data"...
  18. Yenaa

    Banning Books

    Children of such young ages shouldn't be subjected to adult literature. :L It's just immoral if you ask me. It's like letting five year-olds watch porn.
  19. Yenaa

    Pokémon Squared

    Re: Pokémon Squared OH. XD I'm so stupid. I thought you were the owner. I had a brain lapse. ^^;
  20. Yenaa

    Pokémon Squared

    Re: Pokémon Squared Wait, what? Are you talking to me? ._. You keep saying "You", but you're talking about your site. I'm confused.