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    How many Shiny Pokemon do you have?

    I have about five, not counting hacked ones. I've only seen one shiny Pokemon, which was an Electrode. Then it used Selfdestruct. >.<
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    Favourite Elite Four Champion?

    I would say it's obvious from my signature. :3 I like her for the numerous reasons already stated in this thread: She's a women, she has cool music, cool pokemon, and was just awesome.
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    What is your favorite starter (final evolution)?

    It was between Swampert and Blaziken, but I eventually chose Blaziken. ;D
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    If you could live in any historical period, what would it be?

    I would live in the 50's. Then I would have TV and electricity but I could still predict what would happen and wow everyone. I actually had a dream about this once. It was awesome. :D
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    Yeah, we can party. Oh yay. :O

    Yeah, we can party. Oh yay. :O
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    What really annoys you about the Pokemon Anime?

    I know Team Rocket is meant to be "comic relief" or something like that, but I wish that the anime would just get smarter villains. With cooler names.
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    Mah, I came back. Excuse me, princess, but I've been...doing...things... Yay!

    Mah, I came back. Excuse me, princess, but I've been...doing...things... Yay!
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    Level Up Your Adoptables

    I got some more dragons. :3 If you don't want to click all of them, at least click the guardian.
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    Open The Struggle for Power

    Autela staggered out into the fresh air. It would have been better if I'd just slept outside instead of that motel... She thought, stretching her aching limbs. "I swear those beds were made of plywood," She said distractedly, finally looking at the Pokemon Tower. She shuddered and pulled her...
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    Level Up Your Adoptables

    Wow, there were a lot of eggs I clicked. x.x Oh, and I stole found a skywing egg. :love:
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    First Favorite pokemon

    It was Kangaskan (even though I don't know if I'm spelling it right ;D). Or, more accurately, Kangaskan's baby.
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    What Pokemon do you like that other people hate?

    Lickitung and Lickilicky I don't mind at all (especially Lickitung :3), even though Lickilicki could have been replaced with something...that didn't look retarded. D: And Mightyena. It's cool. :D Palkia's cool, too, and Giratina's among my favorite legendaries. And if I ever get to be a...
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    D/P/Pt Do you use the GPS?

    I use it to get Pokemon I'm too laaazy for, but now that I know some people with Diamond and Emerald who can give me Pokemon, I just ask them. :D My best trade...well, I traded a lvl. 100 Ho-oh (cloned) for a Bidoof, just to imagine the look on the trainer's face. :P
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    What pokemon do you never want to evolve?

    It's Lickitung. I don't use it for battling anyway, and Lickilicki is...unnecessary. D:
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    Which of these titles sounds most appealing?

    Mmm, Strawberry Gashes! :D I don't like spiders...and strawberries taste good.
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    What is your favourite single Pokemon ever

    I guess it's Lickitung, and it will probably stay that way for a while. :D
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    Open The Struggle for Power

    Autela cringed as she thought about their location. Why Lavender Town? She wondered reluctantly. She had bought enough potions and supplies to last her a long time, but had felt conspicuous pulling out her wad of cash. Wouldn't a group like this attract more stares?
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    eevee! Imagine seeing you here! I'm Banana Blast, in case you haven't noticed. XD

    eevee! Imagine seeing you here! I'm Banana Blast, in case you haven't noticed. XD
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    Open The Struggle for Power

    Autela followed quietly-cautiously. She hadn't recieved any money, but that didn't matter. She hadn't done much except for get her tail nearly torn off.
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    D: I'm sad your laptop got taken away. What did you do? ;_;

    D: I'm sad your laptop got taken away. What did you do? ;_;