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  1. iris_iris

    Still interested in a swap? <:D

    Still interested in a swap? <:D
  2. iris_iris

    Breed! Breed damn you!

    Happily, I have produced several eggs through the union of Ivy and Pine! Though...I do feel a little guilty for using my Torterra as a breeding mare. I hope she doesn't feel sold out.
  3. iris_iris

    Breed! Breed damn you!

    Okay, Ivy and Pine are going to make me some babies, whither they like it or not!
  4. iris_iris

    Breed! Breed damn you!

    I don't really care about move sets, I'm just trying to raise up some more Turtwigs. And I tried breeding her with a male Bellossom - level 51, with a careful nature, who scatters things often and likes bitter food - but they didn't like each other. So then I tried breeding her with a male...
  5. iris_iris

    Breed! Breed damn you!

    Okay, so maybe someone more l33t can help me with this. I'm trying to breed my female Torterra - she's level 57, with a careful nature, she's somewhat of a clown, and likes bitter food. What would make a good boyfriend for her? Please, breeders, help!
  6. iris_iris

    Funny Player Names/Rival Names

    My really good friend Ali and I cosplay as Ino and Sakura from the Naruto series - and we were doing a con right when Diamond and Pearl came out, so my character is named Ino, and her rival is Sakura - And Ali has Sakura, with a rival named Ino. We get all fangirly over it. :'D
  7. iris_iris

    How many Shiny Pokemon do you have?

    I've never even seen a shiny pokemon. And I've been playing since Blue first came out in the U.S. But then again, I've never really gotten the technical aspect of the game, so maybe that's more my fault.
  8. iris_iris

    [Wanted] A Clamperl swap!

    I want to have a Clamperl swap to get myself a Gorebyss. Ideally, you'd want to have your Clamperl evolve into a Huntail, so we'd get the data for both, but I'm really not that Particular. We'd just trade, and trade back - simple as that! My friend ID is; 5112 - 2862 - 9341 =D
  9. iris_iris

    Trading Thread

    :'D Bless you, kind stranger.
  10. iris_iris

    Trading Thread

    I'm actually suprised that there isn't some sort of formal stickied thread for trades. I think it's a good idea anyways - you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than finding a good trade over GTS. I mean, sure, if I had a Palkia over level 70 for every person who wanted one...
  11. iris_iris

    What is your favourite single Pokemon ever

    I really wish my favorite could be either popular, well liked, or very practical...but... Yeah. I freaking love Jynx.
  12. iris_iris

    Pure aesthetics?

    So, like, this is really a two-pronged question. Firstly, what's with the guy in the pokemon center of Oreburgh City?; "Hello! You've been mistaken for a (whatever), haven't you? But I think you can also pass for a different kind of trainer...ect." Secondly, there's the guy in the battle...