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  1. Greenumbreon

    Games that have evoked emotional response.

    Well, I'd have to say both Modern Warfare games and both PMD games got me, for reasons previously listed.
  2. Greenumbreon

    What continent are you from?

    I live in Canada. It won't stop SNOWING. To quote a poem my friend wrote: "We have Winter/And then we have July..." Actually it stopped snowing a few weeks ago.
  3. Greenumbreon

    Shiny fail?

    So true.
  4. Greenumbreon

    How long should chapters be?

    I agree with Negrek. But 40+ page chapters really piss me off. I don't quite know why :\
  5. Greenumbreon

    Hi. Nice avvie :D

    Hi. Nice avvie :D
  6. Greenumbreon

    (warning: a little disturbing) You know, I'm just glad pokémon isn't realistic

    Re: (warning: a little disturbing) You know, I'm just glad pokémon isn't realistic Haha, that's awesome. Not depressing at all XD
  7. Greenumbreon

    Ever meet someone famous?

    Same here :D Strange, isn't it?
  8. Greenumbreon

    Guilty Pleasures

    Britney Spears :D
  9. Greenumbreon

    D/P/Pt Success with the Poké Radar?

    Re: Success with the Poké Radar? I got two shiny shinxes in one chaining session. But that's it.
  10. Greenumbreon

    If you had to play a game forever, what would it be?

    Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. That is the single most addicting game I have ever played. My second choice would be Spore, of course. And Brawl is number three on my list.
  11. Greenumbreon

    So I got an SNES emulator..

    Super R-Type and R-Type III. GET THEM NOW.
  12. Greenumbreon

    The New "Pokésonas?"

    Re: The New "Pokésonas?" See my avatar? Creative, aren't I?
  13. Greenumbreon

    One Shot Writing Contest! Goin for the Gold!

    Ah well, at least there's the second round, right?
  14. Greenumbreon

    One Shot Writing Contest! Goin for the Gold!

    So that's it? Only four stories? O_o Well, that sucks.
  15. Greenumbreon

    Story Ideas: Which One?

    I like the idea of the TCoD one, but only if I'm in it. :D And the Biggest Fan thing sounds good, but the rest of the stories are meh, in my oppinion.
  16. Greenumbreon


    Windows '98? AAAAAINCIEEEEEENT. '95 is older though [/obvious] XP is WAY better.
  17. Greenumbreon

    HI. I'm HUNGRY.

    HI. I'm HUNGRY.
  18. Greenumbreon

    -burstsdowndoor- ohaidere!

    IT IS BLASPHEMY! *stabs repeatedly* HAI NANDO! *grins* *considers consuming soul*
  19. Greenumbreon

    To my Gameboy Advance SP

    Ha. I love this poem XD. The 'Gameboy, oh Gameboy' instead of 'Gameboy Gameboy' is a good idea, and would make this poem quite a bit better, in my oppinion. Hmm... this poem reminds me of when my DS broke. But it didn't fall or anything, I opened it (not even more forcefully than normally) and...
  20. Greenumbreon

    Loved in Death

    So some girl commited suicide 'cause her dad and some guy named Hamlet died? What's it about? I can't figure it out. I think I'll die, If any harder I try. Yeah, I don't understand it. And then that poem came to me, dammit. I hate it when that happens. But it was pretty good, the poem...