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  1. Ice tiger

    Behind the Avatar [SELF PICTURES GO HERE]

    Why hello there. I cut off all my hair. I gave it a proper burial to "locks of love" (I think that's what its called) so now they can make a wig for some little girl with cancer C: I was tired of it, having long hair is a pain, and I wanted short hair. Its awesome I love it <3 My dad freaked...
  2. Ice tiger


    Warning, spoiler'd for swears. Screwing with people's heads is fun XD [/IMG]
  3. Ice tiger

    otakudom (aka anime geeks.)

    Well, I like anime, I watch it, and I read manga. But I am far from being obsessed, obsessing over things isn't healthy. But err 'otaku' don't bother me, although using random Japanese words can get annoying >.> Unless it's 'Kawaii', it sounds cuter than 'cute' :V
  4. Ice tiger


    Oh psh Your all silly. Everyone knows that the world will end when Grigori Rasputin leaps from his grave to avenge himself. Thus ripping a hole in the fabric of reality causing us to drown in a pool of awesome. Whut.
  5. Ice tiger

    Obsessive Scribblers~

    Hello I like, came back from the dead, and stuff. Also I some how got better at drawing lol. ... And I was gone for more than two weeks, silly header. Fff Everyone's drawings are awesome~! I wish I could color, I've asked my dad for a tablet but I doubt I'll get one :| Oh oh But... @Kai...
  6. Ice tiger

    Easter Vacation?

    I got last week off. :V It's because next week is testing for all the Sophomores, like me, if we don't pass it we can't graduate >: Jerks. I want a chocolate bunny on easter, I want to pick it's tasty little eyes off C: No really the eyes are delicious, unlike the rest of it :P
  7. Ice tiger

    The DRAGON ADOPTERS club, dammit

    Re: The Dragon Adopters Club~ I got me self a eastern I did. Another click and itll' hatch :3 Hope it's male.
  8. Ice tiger

    Level Up Your Adoptables

    Doot 1 more click for the lil' yellow egg...
  9. Ice tiger

    Obsessive Scribblers~

    I LOVE THESE :D <3 Arylett please don't let your hair eat me! D: Now for my own 'lovely' drawings This is what happened Monday night :V Yeah >.> I am not over reacting the happenings of this picture, well my cat can't talk, and there was no pool of blood, and I am most definatly not a chibi...
  10. Ice tiger

    Shower Questions :D

    Well I use pantine shampoo/conditioner right now, but if I had some I would use Wen cleansing conditioner, no shampoo (with this you don't. it's made by a gay guy :D And great for you hair ^^) Dove body wash (Everything else gives me a rash D:) And face wash. Also a scrubby poof :3 I shower...
  11. Ice tiger

    Level Up Your Adoptables

    Now I'm off to click everyone else's eggies ^^ EDIT:
  12. Ice tiger

    Do you belive in ghosts?

    Yep. Ghosts are real, I think. I don't care if other people don't, I just think they exist alright? Thank you and goodbye. :V Please don't eat me. Aliens on the other hand, are kinda.... Very hard to believe, well, I guess there has to be something out there, but not little green men who come...
  13. Ice tiger

    Ban the pope from talking forever

    ... My first thought is "WTF" Why do people listen to him? Wait, let me re phrase that, why do Africans have to listen to him? He's the POPE, he should not have the power to tell people what to do or not to do. He must either hate Africans, or he's an idiot, or both. How much power does the...
  14. Ice tiger

    Obsessive Scribblers~

    o.o Super Heros = SCARY ._. good, but scary. Raggle Fraggle! Inactivityyyy >.> I have been drawing horribly drawn people for some reason XD Heres the first: EMO DUDE ignore the box filled with scribbles, it's called scribble sh*t for a reason X3 Then I drew Emo-Dude again, better than the...
  15. Ice tiger

    The DRAGON ADOPTERS club, dammit

    Re: The Dragon Adopters Club~ Kuori is an adult! :D And Ember is going to be a teen soon! Fwee! :D :D :D :D :D :D Happy I want an eastern draggy next ^^
  16. Ice tiger

    What would you do, if..

    Hmm... Butterfree, or Felidire, Taliax, Dragon, Eeveeskitty, Dannichu. But I would probably run away in fear as soon as I saw any of them X3. I don't like meeting new people in person D:
  17. Ice tiger

    :D The Vampire/Shields love each other <3 the babies = <3 <3 <3 <3

    :D The Vampire/Shields love each other <3 the babies = <3 <3 <3 <3
  18. Ice tiger

    Ooh I see your avatar... Soo pretty! :D Vampires! >:D

    Ooh I see your avatar... Soo pretty! :D Vampires! >:D
  19. Ice tiger

    Meow :D Nice thing u made :3

    Meow :D Nice thing u made :3