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    TQftL Audiobook: Prolouge - Chapter 5

    I don't think the Pokedex speaks until Chapter 6, but here's the thing for Pokedex.
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    Edit the post above you

    You were talking about French people, I think.
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    Take a Number Mafia

    This sounds fun. Vigilante (townie)- Can choose one player to lynch, this power can be used once. Scout (Mafia)- Can research one person's role a night. They do not know who the Mafiosi are, but their investigations are reported to the Mafia. They remain anonymous to the Mafia.
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    TQftL audiobook

    I'd be willing to compile all the lines and stuff. Just PM me the file (Google docs or vocaroo would work, preferably Google), the line you're reading and the character.
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    TQftL audiobook

    Okay, well, that was a thick and awkward accent. Like molasses thick. I also tend to grasp linguistic concepts quickly, (I'm studying it in college) so I actually could probably imitate it pretty well, not perfectly but maybe enough to make it at least semi- natural sounding. Sure, don't have...
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    TQftL audiobook

    Well, actually, I personally think an Icelandic accent would work better, since Icelandic is kind of like English's weird twin phonetically, plus it has some really cool- sounding sounds, and I think it'd be kind of fun since we would have a native speaker to pitch in on how good we sound...
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    TQftL audiobook

    Ah. I guess I forgot to take that into consideration. My bad. I tend to take some things way too seriously sometimes.
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    TQftL audiobook

    I'm not even sure if we'd be doing the auditions as I described, anyway, but since we are starting in June, we might want to get started with auditions. This is the stuff that I've put together for the first round. Tests for pronunciation and mic quality
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    TQftL audiobook

    I might be jumping the shark a little, but I have started to compile a list of lines for auditions. So far, with the way that it's working out, we might have to do two rounds: The first round could be used to check pronunciation and microphone quality, and be submitted to a judging panel (people...
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    TQftL audiobook

    I think they were talking about voice type, not biological sex. Obviously a soprano can't voice a bass. However, there ARE subtle differences in timbre between male and female voices, regardless of the voice type, or what the individual identifies as, so a biological female's voice can't really...
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    TQftL audiobook

    Well, that can be what auditions are for. Have some people read a few lines and dole out parts like that. If someone has a bad mic or whatever, we can weed them out.
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    TQftL audiobook

    Thing is, this is a worldwide website. Basically, we might get a British accent for all of one chapter, then an American accent for another. And let's not forget that there may be some non- native speakers on here who would want to do this. Their grasp of English pronunciation might not be...
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    TQftL audiobook

    Hm. This sounds interesting. I'd be interested in doing a few things! Also wat
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    Ruby- Randomized Nuzlocke

    Okay. I've always liked this guy. LETS BE BEST FRIENDS. Because I like Jello. Hey, this works in Petalburg Woods! Because you make sense! *griiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnndddd* farfechd YAY. THIS THING KNOWS GODDAMN AEROBLAST. YEAH. LETS NAME IT B. SUP B. YAY. NO DEATHS. WHEE I'm...
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    Ruby- Randomized Nuzlocke

    Ruby Randomized Nuzlocke Special rules: Only Trainer fights counts as deaths. Random Elements: Abilities Starters Learnsets (Preferring the same type, Tms/ Hms are randomly learned) Trainer Pokemon- Rival carries starter throughout game Wild Pokemon/ Held Items Static Pokemon TM Moves Other...
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    The "Fwee" Thread

    Today was the day everything could have went to shit, and nothing went to shit! :D
  17. D


    I had a dream where Wednesday didn't exist. So one of my friends and I rode around the world on unicorns to find it. Turns out Wednesday possessed another one of my friends and we either had to kill him or create a new day to take Wednesday's place. We chose to create a new day.
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    I has job

    I got a job. Well, I guess in music, it's called a gig. I'm recording for... something... I actually don't know what I'm recording for because the booking person just told me what instruments I need to have (six of them) and what I'll be getting paid ($20/ hour) So yeah. First session is next...
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    Open legensof Canto; mewtoes ultimatem

    "omg i donte tink sooooo" nonein in partiecurlar sceemed back.
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    In Progress Battle Cry

    Battle Cry Part 1, Chapter 2 "Hey, wake up." I heard a voice say. Had I fallen asleep? The last thing I remember was putting on the helmet for the virtual reality, not much else. "Huh? What happened?" I asked, my voice groggy. "We found you in one of the VR rooms. You've been out for a few...