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  1. I liek Squirtles


  2. I liek Squirtles

    Foongus Among Us

    amougus... now that's a game I haven't gamered with of late. I miss playing with my friends because we each had our specific colors to the point where the color choices are ingrained in my memories as Them. I was orange with a variety of hats (usually cowboy).
  3. I liek Squirtles

    [One-Shot] The Cogs of Fate: Beginning

    Thank you for the nice comment :)
  4. I liek Squirtles

    [One-Shot] The Cogs of Fate: Beginning

    This is a little thing I wrote up to serve as a prologue for my new DnD character I made for a friends' campaign to help me explore his motivations and his voice. Hope you like it! “...But then I told him, it’s the runic actuator that was leaking, not the reliquary crux. And it was! And he...
  5. I liek Squirtles


  6. I liek Squirtles

    The "Fwee" Thread

    what omg congrats!!!
  7. I liek Squirtles

    what foreign languages do you speak?

    I'm from Puerto Rico, so I speak Spanish as well. I know a little bit of French and even less German. If anyone needs help with Spanish homework, I'm always willing to help!
  8. I liek Squirtles

    Unnecessary Feelings (Fire Emblem)

    You REALLY said gay birds time, thank you for this sir
  9. I liek Squirtles


    Hell yeah musicals I've only been in One (1) musical and that was Legally Blonde. My school was very small compared to US schools and thus didn't have a band or a big enough pool of kids to have good singers, so we lip synced instead of singing. I think my favorite musical would be In The...
  10. I liek Squirtles

    Fire-Emblem Fan Club

    Tellius could still get a third installment using the sequel hook from FE10... that or a remake of FE9.
  11. I liek Squirtles

    Fire-Emblem Fan Club

    Pokemon is almost on the edge between Millenial and Gen Z, but since it was enjoyed by Millenials when it came out (on account of Gen Z not existing lmao), I'd say it's a Millenial. Posting to say I have finished all of Tellius and Boy What A Ride. I've already talked to some folks at lengths...
  12. I liek Squirtles

    Thank you all!! :D

    Thank you all!! :D
  13. I liek Squirtles

    Cats (2019) Mafia

    Wait what I missed this, when did rari claim munkustrap
  14. I liek Squirtles

    Cats (2019) Mafia

    Boooo man I was so happy when ultracool got yeeted yesterDay. Gg maf, that was masterful
  15. I liek Squirtles

    Open Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    (Sorry for the tardiness!!) The newly-formed group's resolve now thoroughly tested, they continued on their forestal trek. The cover of trees above them morphed into another gate, similar to the one they had seen earlier. Again, they entered the pitch-black hole, coming out to a forest much...
  16. I liek Squirtles

    Cats (2019) Mafia

  17. I liek Squirtles

    Cats (2019) Mafia

    Googling seems to suggest they are a Flavor Cop
  18. I liek Squirtles

    Cats (2019) Mafia

  19. I liek Squirtles

    Cats (2019) Mafia

    spicy shit going down rn tbh,, this is some wild shit
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