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  1. Happy

    Clue Game Hints

    ok all done that was fun even the second time round. good stuff butterfree. & MUCH better speedrun than the several years I left off on the xmas one at age 12 or something (who let me onto the internet then! my mother.) I definitely mustve pushed through using forum hints hahaa concrit if...
  2. Happy

    Clue Game Hints

    very victorious for someone who got stuck again 5min later #9
  3. Happy

    Clue Game Hints

    /probably overcaffeinated staying up til 5am (*i accidentally made myself hypersensitive when i swore during uni to save caffeine for gruelling all-nighters like a video game item hoarder & just ended up being too organised #sozeveryone #builtdifferent #also i was not working AND living at home...
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