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  1. Loco Mocho

    Black & White

    Thank you just what i wanted to say!
  2. Loco Mocho

    First Gen 5 Silhouette

    My thoughts exactly
  3. Loco Mocho

    First Gen 5 Silhouette

    My thoughts exactly
  4. Loco Mocho

    Epic avi! dood!

    Epic avi! dood!
  5. Loco Mocho

    I wish. that was made by me but you knw that already

    I wish. that was made by me but you knw that already
  6. Loco Mocho

    Planned Teams For SS/HG?

    Thyplosion Urasrang/Amaraphos Togekiss Corawdaunt/Octillery Lucario Jolteon/Espeon This isn't permanent I dont plan on going competetive
  7. Loco Mocho

    The Bank

    Account plz with a charmander if out a pikachu
  8. Loco Mocho

    PMD: Explorers of Stupidity

    Nice work
  9. Loco Mocho


    Once at Wendy's I got 2 baconator thinking they were the jr bacon brugers [wtfatself]. That was sickining... and im still a "metavore" today.
  10. Loco Mocho

    Hey you joined on my birthday! :D

    Hey you joined on my birthday! :D
  11. Loco Mocho

    Possible Generation V Pokemon for upcoming movie?

    Gen 2 pichu Gen 3 wait... who? Gen 4 pachi
  12. Loco Mocho

    Religious Guy + Pokemon = This

    Honestly, some people are just plain dumb. As some comments said, this is olny ONE christan's opinon NOT all of ours... Lemme explain he said you CANT GET SAVED my faimly and church belives anyone can get saved and we also think jigglypuff is not the devil. Lmfao HAIL JIGGLYPUFF!!!
  13. Loco Mocho


  14. Loco Mocho

    3 months really?

    3 months really?
  15. Loco Mocho

    Hey wassup. Long time, no see eh?

    Hey wassup. Long time, no see eh?
  16. Loco Mocho

    The Bank

    Charmander and account plz
  17. Loco Mocho

    Starter Shop

    Carmander plz
  18. Loco Mocho


    My mom got it reinstalled and im active again! P.S. I taking drivers ed! :)
  19. Loco Mocho

    Gimp Quest V2

    kill the can
  20. Loco Mocho

    The Absence Sheet

    Im flsahin on and offline and have been for about a few weeks now or something i dont know when i will solve this hopefully soon!
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