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  1. Storm Earth and Fire

    Would you be into Pokémon if it came out today?

    The modern games hold your hand for a little too long and the anime, I mean, I like some of the later generations but I don't know if I could really get into it without that lifelong attachment. The trading card game is still good but I find it hard to actually support playing a TCG besides...
  2. Storm Earth and Fire

    What are you currently feeling nostalgic about?

    There's probably a lot of peculiar reasons the American market just went differently. I was born in 1991, I can't say for sure aside from what I hear from older people. For one, when you're a cultural juggernaut yourself I can imagine it being harder to bring in foreign shows. We have Disney...
  3. Storm Earth and Fire

    What are you currently feeling nostalgic about?

    Probably gonna continuously drop some thoughts here that I'm too shy to post on socials about (hey a callback to an earlier post) A long time ago I watched hazel's video about America's Greatest Otaku, Tokyopop's goofy reality show. It's great, I recommend it (the actual show maybe less so)...
  4. Storm Earth and Fire

    What are you currently feeling nostalgic about?

    One of my friends got a bunch of recommendations for video essayists and one of them is hazel, who mostly does anime videos. She has a video about video game and anime fansites if you want more Web 1.0 goodness: She shouts out TRsRockin at the end
  5. Storm Earth and Fire

    What are you currently feeling nostalgic about?

    One of my favorite writers wrote a great article about nostalgia and the erasure of Web 1.0: https://thebaffler.com/salvos/404-page-not-found-wagner
  6. Storm Earth and Fire

    What are you currently feeling nostalgic about?

    Doing some necro because someone on twitter shared a screenshot of Pokemon Crater, where I frequented a forum for the first time ever. Truly a life changing experience that sent me down a path that led me here. Funny thing, Magic: the Gathering has kind of the opposite problem. The magicTCG...
  7. Storm Earth and Fire

    What are you currently feeling nostalgic about?

    By the mid 2010s the internet consolidated around the enormous pillars we're all familiar with, Twitter, tiktok, reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and such, which sucked everyone up and ended what now seems like a real wild west period of the internet, when people congregated around personal...
  8. Storm Earth and Fire

    So who looks at my profile?

    My last visit was late 2017, my last post was 2016, but if you look at my post history, I was last truly active in 2013. So it's really interesting to see people with 2016 join dates be part of the 10 most recent people to look at my profile. So I get a little sad when I see that some of them...
  9. Storm Earth and Fire


    There has to be enough time for teachers to grade and plan the rest of the year. While the year is technically planned all in advance, you almost never end up sticking perfectly to the schedule. Not to mention that, unfortunately, not everyone can learn at the same pace. Try out a charter school...
  10. Storm Earth and Fire

    Idea Centre 3: Idea Harder

    Yeah, I'm still alive and lurking, I just don't know how active I would be.
  11. Storm Earth and Fire

    Pokemon Go

    If you want to fight gyms, look for other people in your team. You can fight gyms cooperatively (although I'm not sure how stable the feature is). Could also mass evolve everything, which is likely at least part of why the others are ahead on levels. Also, there's a level where you can start...
  12. Storm Earth and Fire

    [OR/AS] ORAS Progress

    I found it funny that you get that Poochyena with the elemental fang. It's supposedly based on your starter. I picked Torchic, and I get one with Ice Fang. They really don't want you to struggle against Roxanne... Just beat Brawly, total cakewalk with Beautifly...
  13. Storm Earth and Fire

    Pokemon League Masters: Mystery of Fossil Cavern

    Unfortunately the creator hasn't gotten on in a year...
  14. Storm Earth and Fire

    Idea Center: Part Deuce

    I just noticed that my last mass crossover RP (The New Emissary) had it's last post a day before Black Moon Academy's. Coincidence? Probably not, but the holidays have probably occupied people to some extent. It's been long enough now, though, but as mentioned above, we have no clue where people...
  15. Storm Earth and Fire

    Idea Center: Part Deuce

    Good question. Checking my friends list... I think at least a handful of people aren't here anymore.
  16. Storm Earth and Fire

    Super Smash Bros 4

    It's just start in Melee. Always do it without permission.
  17. Storm Earth and Fire

    Let's say nice things about gen 4

    Platinum is still my one of my favorite main series games. I always felt like that game did everything right short of introduce the Poke-athlon. They then gave us HG/SS, which I didn't like as much, but we're supposed to be saying nice things so I'll leave it. I never played D/P, but that's...
  18. Storm Earth and Fire

    Super Smash Bros 4

    I think we want to avoid emulating miserable failures. :sweatdrop: They wouldn't want to make Sheik a separate character. She was too good in Melee!
  19. Storm Earth and Fire

    Super Smash Bros 4

    But... they have logos. I dunno man.
  20. Storm Earth and Fire

    Super Smash Bros 4

    I think the AI of Smash games was only designed to fight humans, though. CPU vs. CPU matches are kinda weird to watch. Not that it makes them any less fun to bet on. We should have Midna. And I'm still on board with the petition to put Reggie Fils-Aime in the game. Also, does anyone else feel...
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