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  1. OrangeAipom

    Weird ads

    Does this count?
  2. OrangeAipom

    woman's fashion's effect on society.

    But I didn't do it on purpose. O_o You're Floop, right? Hi Floop. I recognized you by your pronouns, your uwaa and your moderator powers. Your avatar through me off a little, but it's fine. You already have a gender in mind for me, don't you? I bet my pronoun is "she" to you since I used...
  3. OrangeAipom

    woman's fashion's effect on society.

    :( i won't do that next time. but "naked humans" does not make any sense what gender do you think i am anyway
  4. OrangeAipom

    woman's fashion's effect on society.

    Oh, I kind of understand how one crime can be worse than the other, but I still don't understand how men objectifying is worse than women objectifying. Power doesn't mean anything unless it is demonstrated. What power does the (hypothetical, not Flower Doll's person) male have? Is there a law...
  5. OrangeAipom

    woman's fashion's effect on society.

    Lady Gaga doesn't limit herself. I think that's what Pwnemon meant. Men can't just about as much as women can't, women's nipples are only considered more gross than men's nipples on TV. Seriously. What kind of douchebag goes to work without a shirt. I'm not pretending. I'm just young. Please...
  6. OrangeAipom

    Is it weird for a girl to propose to a guy?

    They may be considered weird but "nobody can propose to me. autoreject" is stupid.
  7. OrangeAipom

    woman's fashion's effect on society.

    Just a wild guess, but maybe because you objectified him too? I mean, it's not as if you found his character attractive. Really, though, do you have an answer for that rhetorical question?
  8. OrangeAipom

    The Felt--Homestuck Fan Club

    hello i am a nepetaquest i like nepetaquesting does something look wrong about this sprite? tell me. here's a shrunk version if you need it.
  9. OrangeAipom

    Ash's Tan

    He was always yellow. It's not like he became darker than Brock. Are you racist.
  10. OrangeAipom

    If the whole world were atheist...

    what's a hypothesis?
  11. OrangeAipom

    12/26/2004 Tribute

    Maybe, if you're silent and you're really thoughtful, there will be no more tsunami.
  12. OrangeAipom

    I am sick.

    My friend bobbyjkl is coming over to stay at my place at the 26th! :D How sick is that? Oh, but I'm also literally sick. I'd rather post this in the Laughing board to take advantage of the good feelings. who is this username doofus and why does she think this deserves its own thread
  13. OrangeAipom

    If the whole world were atheist...

    where the hell did my science go!?!? oh, right. nobody has an imagination.
  14. OrangeAipom

    Why does Ash look younger in Best Wishes?

    http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:Ash_Ketchum_BW.png Pokemon always had weird proportions for humans, but he looks a bit "short" here. But in the actual episodes he looks about the same age; ten to eleven years. I don't watch Pokemon.
  15. OrangeAipom

    NaNoWriMo 2010

    I've decided that I'm never going to do NaNoWriMo. If I don't start when I want to start, the idea will die the moment I put pen to paper. Not that it doesn't as it is; I just don't think that scheduling when that will happen will be a bit of help. So, I'm starting to write something, but I'm...
  16. OrangeAipom

    HOLLYWOOPER: a fakemon forum that doesn't suck

    this better last because (and i'm sure you agree with me here) this "gee a cool new forum but now it's dead" shit is getting old.
  17. OrangeAipom

    Username change requests

    I don't think that I phrased anything incorrectly in my post. oh wait who cares i found the hack why is this thread still open
  18. OrangeAipom

    Username change requests

    Mind changing my name from Chucho to Username?
  19. OrangeAipom

    Teh Writings of Username-tachi

    http://blog.childtoucher.net/ I'm a bit out of ideas of what to write next. What do you think?
  20. OrangeAipom

    This is a cool rpg and you should join it.

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