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  1. ValyceNegative

    'sup from a writer

    Sup, Venia!
  2. ValyceNegative

    Rate the Pokémon above you on a scale from one to ten

    6/10 I found it difficult to draw as a kid and WHY IS IT NOT FIRE TYPE? NOT EVEN AS SECONDARY? COME OOOOOON Kyogre
  3. ValyceNegative

    What are you currently feeling nostalgic about?

    And now for my own nostalgic thing of the day, I saw they recently remastered Phoenix Wright's A Boot To The Head and wow the memories of those years came flooding back ;w; I also happily discovered most Phoenix Wrong skits are still on YouTube
  4. ValyceNegative

    What are you currently feeling nostalgic about?

    I apologize in advance for the OT with this, but it always weirds me out how late the US has been with importing anime, so much that it had to wait until the 2010s to get out of the "niche" period. Europe and especially Italy started importing them in the earliest of 80s (to be precise, our...
  5. ValyceNegative

    Pokèmon Sleep

    The literal second the trailer showed how to place the phone for recording I was like "hmm I see! Not gonna play this then" xD I haven't done that test yet though, I should!
  6. ValyceNegative

    Rate the Pokémon above you on a scale from one to ten

    Floofy boy, one of the OGs, nice colours! 9.5/10 Larvitar
  7. ValyceNegative

    Pokèmon Sleep

    Sssoooo! Is anyone here doing this? Were you like me and thought this game was an April Fools joke until something like, one day before official release? As far as I'm seeing, I feel like the general public is very divisive on this subject. I have a few friends of mine who would live and die...
  8. ValyceNegative

    Who's your favourite human character?

    For the girls, it has to be Mint from TCG2. Part of my fascination with her is that she comes from such a forgotten spinoff (and a chapter that didn't even get out of the japanese boundaries) that she's clouded with this veil of wonder and potential, trying to imagine if her popularity (along...
  9. ValyceNegative

    Are You a Boy or a Girl Ingame?

    Mostly female, but it varies from time to time. When Crystal was being previewed in magazines I remember there was a big positive reaction to being able to choose your trainer gender; representation wasn't a social discourse as loud as it is today but there was indeed a huge community of female...
  10. ValyceNegative

    Rate the Pokémon above you on a scale from one to ten

    I- might be out of the loop. Umbreon has tentacles?? I give Torterra 7/10. I like the design, but I think its preevolutions are a bit too bland. Has Articuno been reted yet?
  11. ValyceNegative

    Murkrow's Alpha Sapphire Comic

    Loving the observational humour, it was a staple in the golden era of webcomics =D
  12. ValyceNegative


    Hi there, welcome to the forums!
  13. ValyceNegative

    Hello i'm new♥

    Welcome, Octavio! ^^
  14. ValyceNegative


    Gosh, so many Vals lately. XD hello to you!
  15. ValyceNegative

    Rate the Pokémon above you on a scale from one to ten

    6.5/10. I don't think he's bad, though I'd have chosen a tad less saturated palette. Or maybe it's the 3d model that feels odd to me? Togedemaru
  16. ValyceNegative

    Rate the Pokémon above you on a scale from one to ten

    1/10 Sorry, I have a very harsh relationship with this 'mon since not only I found it ugly, but it gave me an hard time during battles in Diamond&Pearl. And I really despised its cry! But I'm leaving at least one point because I know it has a strong type combination... or it had. I'm not keeping...
  17. ValyceNegative

    Twenty Years of TCoD

    I've been on the forums for what can be considered an eyeblink-fraction of time compared to TCoD's long life, but I still have memories of kid me browsing the mainsite some 16-15 years ago. I was an external lurker/visitor of many sites at the time and way too shy to interact :P I remember...
  18. ValyceNegative

    Oh hai

    Hi Val! Greetings from another Val =D
  19. ValyceNegative

    Bad Genie!

    Heh, that's what I usually get from their responses already, so... Granted! The new timeline has everybody living in a wealthier, healtier world... in which Nintendo doesn't exist though. Genie! Have we wished for real Pokèmon yet?
  20. ValyceNegative

    Bad Genie!

    I unironically have a couple Rick Astley albums. Thanks genie! :P Cats are granted! They're big cats. They're tigers. I wish my clients would respond to emails in a more timely manner.
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