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  1. K

    Being an Idiot

    I once thought that I could make Vespiquen more viable than Arceus. Does that count?
  2. K

    What's Your Favorite Pokémon?

    Re: What's Your Favorite Pokémon? Banette for me. It isn't really just the Higurashi-style creepypasta appeal that gets to me as much as it is the endless possibilities for what they're like. They can seem mischievous by default like Gengar, or straight up creepy like Hypno. You can even make...
  3. K


    I would love tea. As long as tea isn't liquid. Because liquid things break electronic things. Not that I'm electronic. Therefore, it wouldn't break me. But I'd rather it not be liquid.
  4. K

    The "Fwee" Thread

    Just watched 18 movies in 7 days at a film festival. 5 out of the 18 received at least a 7/10 rating from me.
  5. K


    My argument was cogent. Therefore, my argument was cogent. Therefore, I am a human being. Because you are also a human being, you should trust in the fact I am a human being because of my human beingness. Ok, this is getting silly. I'm just a dude who's studying Japanese and draws every now...
  6. K


    I am a human being. Therefore, I am a human being. Nice to meet you, fellow human beings.
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