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  1. Minish

    oh my gosh thank you! i hope you're doing ok!! i saw your travelling comics recently and they're...

    oh my gosh thank you! i hope you're doing ok!! i saw your travelling comics recently and they're soooooooooooooooooooooo good
  2. Minish

    Least favourite episode?

    but he doesn't mind and that's what's cute! he's happy to just phone oak home and be like "I got really far!! \o/ didn't make it though ehehe" "ash that's great!!!" his priority isn't really to win everything these days, so wouldn't it be kind of unfulfilling to see him just win anyway? virgil...
  3. Minish

    Fire Emblem Awakening

    hmm lunatic+ isn't really any kind of reasonable challenge though, not even like the old fire emblems, and is that... fun... for anyone? like, resetting 50 times for the correct RNG? I wonder if lunatic+ casual is fun
  4. Minish

    Fire Emblem Awakening

    you don't know SHIT until you've been through lunatic man...
  5. Minish

    Fire Emblem Awakening

    taguels are great because they're the least adorable or fanservicey bunny race ever ok, yarne is an adorable loser. i think he's an outlier...
  6. Minish

    Fire Emblem Awakening

    just pair henry up with another unit, like a stronger magical one so he's helpful for that battle (he jumps in a lot with crits on that map, so you're even training him) ahh, awakening. even after finishing my lunatic I still play and I don't even care. you could call me................. a...
  7. Minish

    Drinking Age

    my fav thing is that it's legal to drink alcohol here if you're 5 but 4s and under can just go right to bed
  8. Minish

    Three things you need to know...

    1. i'm cilan 2. don't touch me 3. don't look at me i'm serious about all these things
  9. Minish

    my life

    my life
  10. Minish


  11. Minish

    What Are You Thankful For?

    jack the pumpkin king
  12. Minish

    remember tcodf

    remember tcodf
  13. Minish

    What's Your Favorite Pokémon?

    Re: What's Your Favorite Pokèmon? sorry but mawile's been my super-favourite for the past twelve years back off contenders...... back when we were both losers...... I like lapras and litwick and swablu and swirlix lots and lots, though!
  14. Minish

    How good is the anime these days?

    That's cute :c I'm weirdly excited for the XY anime given that I can cope with best wishes ending less every day. I was a bit worried it was just going to be... Ash and Serena... woo... but Clemont and Bonnie look like absolute cuties and are probably the only replacements for my favourites...
  15. Minish

    so you're still alive :| maybe you could come on irc sometime so I could actually verify...

    so you're still alive :| maybe you could come on irc sometime so I could actually verify that...........
  16. Minish

    Pokemon X/Y

    oh............. trevor's a boy.......... okay.......... :( shauna's a really boring name, too :C example of the awful awful font/window combination like really? Why? Why?
  17. Minish

    Pokemon X/Y

    ! Huh! :o Wow, customisation really is extensive. Maybe the only thing I completely hate is the fonts and text windows (especially that gross white window, maybe used in battle?) So blocky and ugly. :C It looks like RSE font, but more dull.
  18. Minish

    Pokemon X/Y

    which is why I'll be reeeeally disappointed if mawile turns out to not be it. creepy metal fairies with jaws out the back of their heads: great. it's pretty silly to call some types "poorly-defined" when they're just...... types... there's no background to them. fairy seems like a genuinely...
  19. Minish

    Pokemon X/Y

    why is it bad! what makes a "good" type! I mean, "fire"? "dark"? both ice and water? why are other types great? I mean, maybe you want things to feel more like elements or constituents?? but uhhhhh dragon is at least more interesting than "a natural phenomenon"... what do you want!! I'm...
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