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  1. Kabigon

    Super Effective

    ??? Why on gods green earth did you respond to an almost decade's old thread?
  2. Kabigon

    What's Your Favorite Pokémon?

    Re: What's Your Favorite Pokémon? SNO LAX
  3. Kabigon

    Web Host Suggestions

    I use <a href="http://hostgator.com>Host Gator</a> and it doesn't cost me more than a few bucks a month.
  4. Kabigon

    Sup Nerds

    It's been awhile! I used to be a member here loooonnnnggg ago. I'm currently getting out of the Navy and thought it would be cool to come back to remember a big piece of my childhood haha!
  5. Kabigon

    Rock > Ice?!??!!

    Ash has never used a Rock type before so I have never heard that from the anime and a lot of Rock tpes are part ground so I would never try to switch in with them because they always had a super effective move. I understand why I missed this but it still doesn't make it any more believable.
  6. Kabigon

    Rock > Ice?!??!!

    What. So I'm going through brycen's gym and I talk to the guide. He says blah blah fire, and fighting beat ice. Then he says ground and rock beat ice? I've been playing Pokemon since the start and I do not remember this ever being mentioned. I don't use rock types like that and I think...
  7. Kabigon


    Honestly, it is a good idea on paper but implementing it would make every other Pokemon game after it seem like crap.
  8. Kabigon

    So This Is About To Get Awkward...

    Thought B/W was terrible. Thinks BW2 will probably be the best out of all gens. That awkward moment when you think Gen V is the best and worst generation at the same time.
  9. Kabigon

    New Games: Pokemon Black and White 2

    I hope they don't shove the story in your face as much this time around.
  10. Kabigon

    DragonFree! Where's that B/W Review

    As most of you know, B/W had probably the biggest broken base of Pokemon fans because of a lot of changes they made. I for one thought the games were lacking in a lot of areas that most of the others usually have so I've been wondering, when will you get to doing that Black and White review...
  11. Kabigon

    Calculus: Limits

    I have a question. Is a infinite limit a true limit? I have to answer this question on a test and can't find the answer anywhere.
  12. Kabigon

    I A Boob

    I'm not even sure why I like them but I don't complain about it either. :D Also, bigger ones would probably be more fun to play with I would think and they feel really nice and warm.
  13. Kabigon

    I A Boob

    My girlfriend's and it was consensual. :D I'm never playing video games again.
  14. Kabigon

    My Schedule For Senior Year

    My Schedule For Senior Year? Hi. I'm going to be taking AP Bio, AP Literature, and AP Stats/Calculus during my senior year. I was also going to choose AP Economics depending on your answers here. The problem I am having is that I will also be working at McDonald's during my senior year so I can...
  15. Kabigon

    Childhood Regrets?

    I don't think this belongs in this section *-*. Anyways, I'm a junior in high school at the moment and at the moment, I'm thinking about my future. In thinking about my future as I will become an adult and have less time to play games and such. While I was doing this, I started thinking about...
  16. Kabigon

    Hello [CA]Smugleaf

    Hello [CA]Smugleaf
  17. Kabigon

    A Girl Asked Me Out!

    I'm starting to move up the totem pole! :>
  18. Kabigon

    Fifth Generation Evolutions?

    Why are there so many though!?
  19. Kabigon

    Fifth Generation Evolutions?

    Also, one thing that has bothered me in Generation IV and now in Generation V is the skew between regular Pokemon and rare Pokemon. Hell, most of the legendaries in Diamond and Pearl seemed to come out of nowhere. I was able to tolerate Dialga starting time, Palkia forming space, and then the...
  20. Kabigon

    Fifth Generation Evolutions?

    There's evolution and then just plain weird.
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