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  1. Gardevoir Girl

    Nope, I don't, but hello anyway :3

    Nope, I don't, but hello anyway :3
  2. Gardevoir Girl

    The LGBT Club

    Hey peeps :3 Whoa, I've been gone over a year. Am I even still on the member list? So um, nice to be back among people who don't remember me. ^_^;; Umm, if anyone DOES happen to remember me, I actually came out as transsexual in November. I'm about to go and catch up on the 60 or so pages...
  3. Gardevoir Girl

    In Progress Visions Of Fate [PG-14]

    It's the one we've all been waiting for, the one that changes everything, the one I've looked forward to writing since I started to prologue. It took me a while to fine-tune it, and I nearly had to ask for a beta reader, but I was determined to finish it myself. So here it is, the slightly...
  4. Gardevoir Girl

    In Progress Visions Of Fate [PG-14]

    Nina is dedicated to Rose, my beloved white cat who was lost to cancer three and a half years ago. Believe it or not, the character was originally intended to come into the story a year and a half ago. My brain planned faster than my hands could write. Italics for Poké-speech, no italics for...
  5. Gardevoir Girl

    In Progress Visions Of Fate [PG-14]

    I am fully aware no one reads this here. This chapter contains twelve months’ worth of work. I had one heck of a struggle overcoming my writer’s block, but as you can see, I managed it - all in the hopes that one day, the person I wrote it for might read it. This chapter is dedicated to the...
  6. Gardevoir Girl

    Funny Moments at School

    This happened in Drama class (where everyone is putting together a play about ancient Greek mythology). Narrator: And so, Achilles was born. *Doll goes flying from one side of the stage to the other behind him*
  7. Gardevoir Girl

    The "Fwee" Thread

    I'm having the best week! First I found out that the girl I saw in the street a few months ago and have been obsessed with finding ever since... is in my Psych class at my new school! And then someone I've been wanting to talk to for ages finally accepted my friend requests on Facebook and...
  8. Gardevoir Girl

    The LGBT Club

    Eh, why not. 1. Ari 2. Australia 3. Lesbian 4. Definitely not. I receive a lot of strange looks simply for having short hair, and I've already heard people there talking about homosexuals in a degrading way. (BTW, I've only been at that school for one flipping day.) 5. No one knows yet. 6. I...
  9. Gardevoir Girl

    Fractured Fairytale

    Depressing and probably very bad. About depression (duh) and my growing androphobia/hatred. About the title, it just seemed to keep repeating itself in the poem, so that's why it's the title. Fractured Fairytale Listen to my voice Hear my cries Piece the words together Of my fractured...
  10. Gardevoir Girl


    Re: PokéIncest? I got my Shiny Lucario by breeding my best Lucario with his mother. And if family lines were recorded in the game, I'm sure more than half my Pokemon would be related.
  11. Gardevoir Girl

    Purely Online Relationships

    I think they can work, as long as there's some offline communication; for example, sending mail the old-fashioned way if there's too much distance to travel. And as long as the people in the relationship plan to meet each other IRL as soon as possible, then yeah, it could work. That is, if both...
  12. Gardevoir Girl

    [MATURE] Why Are Breasts So Taboo?

    IMO, if girls have to cover the top half, guys should have to as well.
  13. Gardevoir Girl

    The LGBT Club

    Remember how I was confused about my sexuality? Well, after spending almost a year as pan/bi, now I know I'm gay. And I moved two weeks ago, and it seems like every single girl for miles in any direction is straight. I hate my area.
  14. Gardevoir Girl

    I'm great, been really happy for the past few days. Hope you enjoy your birthday dinner.

    I'm great, been really happy for the past few days. Hope you enjoy your birthday dinner.
  15. Gardevoir Girl

    Happy birthday! :D I've seen you around and thought you seem like a nice person, and this...

    Happy birthday! :D I've seen you around and thought you seem like a nice person, and this seemed a good opportunity to say hi. So, hi. :) How are you on this fine day?
  16. Gardevoir Girl

    The "Fwee" Thread

    My broken relationship has been changed into a solid friendship, I've finally moved on from a death that occurred four years ago, and I'm happy for the first time since I was fourteen. :D
  17. Gardevoir Girl

    The LGBT Club

    I'm currently hovering uncertainly somewhere between pansexual and gay. Have been for quite a while now. Advice please?
  18. Gardevoir Girl

    The LGBT Club

    Hello. I disappeared a few months ago. Now I'm back. So, uh, rejoining I guess.
  19. Gardevoir Girl

    One-Shot She Waits

    Since it's two hours into Valentine's Day where I am, I thought I'd post this now. It's just something I threw together in the past two hours - was crying for part of it, so there are bound to be plenty of typos. I hope you like it anyway. She Waits The sun hangs low in the sky. A few children...
  20. Gardevoir Girl

    The "Fwee" Thread

    Stayed awake all night and it's doing funny things to my mood~ Good funny things, I think~ I hope~
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