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  1. Lord Mewtwo

    What are some of your fond memories about playing pokemon?

    My best Pokemon memories are in the Gold and Silver days. I had Silver while my best friend had Gold and we played simultaneously. We would trade a bunch of Pokemon, have link cable battles, and do Mystery Gift together. We were even literally sitting side by side when we both beat the Johto...
  2. Lord Mewtwo

    Blaziken or Infernape?

    A proud minority as usual, Infernape. Infernape has better stats and is capable of flying coverage as well with Acrobatics among its vaster and more diverse move pool which also includes Earthquake, Grass Knot, Poison Jab, Punishment, Shadow Claw, and Rock Slide alongside the elemental punches...
  3. Lord Mewtwo

    Pokemon characters with the worst hairstyles

    I find May's and the B/W female protagonist's (I think in Pokemon Masters her name is Hilda?) particularly unappealing. The shape of May's hair is just weird and ugly and the B/W female's is way too huge and poofy. Not to mention it's illogical, how did she manage to get all that thick-ass hair...
  4. Lord Mewtwo

    Who's your favourite human character?

    There is a ton to consider and I like a handful but it comes down to 2 who stand out to me. 1. Brock If we set aside his womanizing he's the most mature character in the franchise. More so than his own parents even both of whom abandoned their children for their own hobbies. He's an...
  5. Lord Mewtwo

    Would you be into Pokémon if it came out today?

    Hard to say but I am leaning more towards no due to a vast difference in circumstances. I was a teenager when I had first heard of it and I hated the concept. I had gotten into the anime first by chance while attempting to be a more informed hater and only even heard of the video games because...
  6. Lord Mewtwo

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Shiny-Hunting Guide

    This is such a fantastically thorough article that I hate to bring this up but feel it would be unfair if I did not. Perhaps it's been fixed along with the DLC update but I was told on Youtube 5 months ago whilst attempting to hunt Rookidee and Wooloo that the wild odds are glitched into near...
  7. Lord Mewtwo

    Little Habits

    Somehow in the age of Gens one and two, I developed the habit of holding down A+B the moment a Pokemon is encased in a ball which the old urban legend claims causes any ball to behave like a Master Ball (I've seen it said that it's just B but I had thought it was A+B). Honestly, I get a...
  8. Lord Mewtwo

    Old usernames?

    This is one of few places where I've managed to stick to a single username. I've only ever been RedRum.
  9. Lord Mewtwo

    Absurdly lucky/unlucky moments

    Lucky: Pokemon Red - I was in battle with Sabrina and her Alakazam had defeated nearly my entire team until all I was left with was an absurdly under leveled Pikachu and Alakazam still retained most of its health, probably due to repeatedly using 'Recover'. I sent the Pikachu out and chose a...
  10. Lord Mewtwo

    Extra Fiery Red?

    I'd love to see the installments in the first and second generations which have not been remade at this point, Yellow and Crystal receive the 3DS treatment. Personally, I feel the first and/or second generations would have been the better investment in the first place than RS. The Kanto and...
  11. Lord Mewtwo

    Butterfree's Name

    I don't see the problem, the preference for anonymity on the internet is common and safest. Aside from Facebook where my RL friends and family co-exist with me and on Twitter solely for my interactions with my favorite actors, I never even reveal my true name on the internet. If I am required...
  12. Lord Mewtwo

    ASB password scare and related bans

    I've been away from CoDF for some time and haven't really known anyone around here let alone these people nor have I ever participated in this ASB thing but skimming through this thread, a particular comment impacted me: Eleven years ago, some online companions of mine within a community who'd...
  13. Lord Mewtwo

    Creepy Pokemon Shit

    EDIT: Content merged with previous post due to redundancy. Apologies.
  14. Lord Mewtwo

    How did you get into Pokemon?

    In 2000, 7th grade, Pokemon was popular enough to where it was common to bring card collections to school. That and the one or two episodes my best friend had described to me was the extent of my knowledge but at the time it was enough of a basis for me to judge. I thought it was the stupidest...
  15. Lord Mewtwo

    So, Nintendo's now doing a type personality quiz.

    I'm Poison type. I dig it. My only beef with the questioning was that it didn't offer Dark as a gym type. Admittingly though it bugs me a tad that they omitted Westwood and I believe Ivy from the Professor internships despite that it was between Oak and Elm for me regardless (I went with Oak)...
  16. Lord Mewtwo

    Sad Things You Do To Your Pokemon Without Noticing

    It is huh? Yesterday my Kingler in SS had to surf me while fainted. I didn't mean for her to, but she was defeated by the mofo swimmer with the TWO gyradoses on the way to Cianwood. Luckily it was right outside the city so she only had to go a short way in that weak state. There's also the fact...
  17. Lord Mewtwo

    Anyone ever played any of the hacks?

    In fact I have played several back on my HP laptop some years ago. I tried all I could find including: * Naranja (the orange islands game where you could actually play as Misty) * Shiny Gold (the jhoto remake before the official DS remakes, it was superbly done with the new mystery stalker in...
  18. Lord Mewtwo

    The HeartGold/SoulSilver Status Thread

    So...I restarted my SS file but have now reached the point I had been at before. Once again I have Windy II and trying to work on my pokedex with no as much progress this time and at this point as in the other file.
  19. Lord Mewtwo

    Is anyone else also like this?

    Myself, I tend to use a combination of useful and unique to my team meaning I have never really used it for a prolonged period of time if at all. There is also some fondness mixed in there. Ex. I have never used a hoppip/Skiploom before so now I have a Skiploom in my SS team as my grass...
  20. Lord Mewtwo

    Epic Pokemon Screenshots

    True, I just noticed scrolling back over it now that it wasn't the Slateport building were you get the six pack of soda. My mind was on auto pilot because thats where I associate tubers in that game. Derp! XD I think the reason they are tubers is because they are kids who can't swim, adult...
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