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  1. Lucariking

    Take and Add (Literacy)

  2. Lucariking

    How many siblings do you have?

    I have one older sister.
  3. Lucariking

    Baby bunny. :D

    I found 3 baby bunnies in my backyard and they all died in 4 weeks... ;.;
  4. Lucariking

    Hey! It's me!

    Hi there!
  5. Lucariking

    Meowth can learn thunderbolt!

    I agree.
  6. Lucariking

    Have you ever met a famous person?

    I sorta met Erick Daimpier. (Basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks, for those of you who don't know.) He was signing autographs at a game.
  7. Lucariking

    Dialga Vs. Palkia

    I like Palkia better even though I have Diamond. I do still like Dialga though. But time without space would be nothing, and space without time would be nothing, so I guess I'm on both sides. :P Oh, and Spacial Rend is soo much better than Roar of Time. But I absolutly HATE Dialga's cry...
  8. Lucariking

    Favourite Bands/Artists?

    Hmm...Let's see.... Linkin Park, KoRn, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, The Killers, Foo Fighters, and Incubus.
  9. Lucariking

    The people who use the bottom screen of their DS to play GBA games club

    I'm a bottom screener! *joinz*
  10. Lucariking

    You laugh you lose (aka POST ALL FUNNY STUFF HERE)

    Re: You laugh you lose I lost again on the bunny foo foo one. :D
  11. Lucariking

    How Tall Are You?

    5'3" yeah thats about average for a 13 year old.
  12. Lucariking

    What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

    During the school year, I have cereal, a waffle, or a Poptart. Other than that I have toast with strawberry jam or just cereal.
  13. Lucariking

    Crit please?

    Yeah, don't save your aprites in JPEG. Save in PNG.
  14. Lucariking

    Evil Sprite Contest

    Honorable mention! :D Could I get a detailed critique? Oh yeah, and my vote goes to Bluwiikoon.
  15. Lucariking

    What do you want to see in the 5th gen?

    *sigh* if only one of the pokemon creators were here to read this thread...
  16. Lucariking

    What's your real name?

    My middle name is Neil. In my language it means blue! ^^ I love my initials. A.N.Z. A is the first letter, N is the 14th, almost the middle, and Z is the last. ^^ Oh, and my first name means Ocean in my language, so I guess my name is Ocean Blue! :D
  17. Lucariking

    Bred to Death - British Kennel Club

    Ugh, that's just sick and wrong.... The health of animals is just as important as the health of other people.
  18. Lucariking

    The Spriter's Showcase!

    Heeey...That's pretty good for someone who doesn't sprite.
  19. Lucariking

    Post here and Furret will give you a theme song.

    Since I don't want to get hunted down... > _ > Theme song me! I like anything with a catchy beat. Oh, and heavy metal and rock. :P
  20. Lucariking

    Weird Phone Calls

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