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  1. Salazard

    What instrument do you play?

    And where be Bass in that poll! =[ Such a basscist...
  2. Salazard

    First Gen 5 Silhouette

    I don't want more Pokemon =[ But anyway, it reminds me of Weavile... Maybe even a simular type and that... I hope they don't release too many new ones. They should have stopped at Arceus (The God Pokemon ffs xD)
  3. Salazard

    Rage Against The Machine for UK XMAS No.1!

    It's the principle that the XFactor has destroyed the tradition of the Christmas Number 1. The last 4 years Simon Cowell has made a mint out of the XFactor and it's artists (which all but a select few disappear within a few months). Basically it's a pain in the arse that every year it's...
  4. Salazard

    Rage Against The Machine for UK XMAS No.1!

    Quote from Orange UK news: '' They are supporting a web campaign which aims to fight Simon Cowell's perceived stranglehold over the UK charts. The Facebook group explains: "Fed up of Simon Cowell's latest karaoke act being Christmas number one? "Me too... So who's up for a mass-purchase of...
  5. Salazard

    Rage Against The Machine for UK XMAS No.1!

    I had no idea where to post this, but I've settled for here. =] Basically, this all started from a Facebook group of which is trying make make Rage Against The Machine's 'Killing In The Name' Christmas No.1 in the UK to beat this years X-Factor winner off the top slot. If you have Facebook you...
  6. Salazard

    Favorite Sprite

    Agreed, this new Charizard sprite is the sex. =D
  7. Salazard

    Update Pokemon Cries?

    Maybe just use the same frequencies and patterns and just use newer midi software to create them? Then they'd fit in nicely with all the new cries (of which I'm quite fond of).
  8. Salazard

    Your favourite Pokémon of each type?

    Re: Your favourite Pokémon of each type? Grass: Tropius, Meganium Bug: Meh =P Poison: Nidoking Fire: Typhlosion, Charizard, Moltres Water: Kyogre Ice: Glaceon, Suicune Electric: Jolteon Normal: I dunno =P Flying: Altaria, Rayquaza Steel: Steelix, Dialga Dragon: Flygon, Salamence Fighting...
  9. Salazard

    Are you in a relationship?

    Has a wonderful girlfriend since January 1st of the year. <3 She's somewhat awesome.
  10. Salazard

    The Most Forgotten Pokemon

    Relicanth should be on that list! I really want one because it looks so cool! =D
  11. Salazard

    The Most Forgotten Pokemon

    I was thinking... Misdreavus? Spiritomb?
  12. Salazard

    The Most Forgotten Pokemon

    Yeah that makes sense. And yeah, Qwilfish. (I just had to go look at that one on serebii to remind myself... xD)
  13. Salazard

    The Most Forgotten Pokemon

    Really? Coz seriously I had completely forgotten about it since I battled someone on Fire Red with one! Kingler not so much, but Shiftry definitely. I'd say Tropius maybe as well.
  14. Salazard

    The Most Forgotten Pokemon

    So... Pretty self-explanitory. Basically, there are sooo many Pokemon now but there are a few that just get left behind because theyre nothing special and/or Nintendo have forgotten they exist. I say this because I suddenly rememered the existance of Smeargle! Mind it took me about an hour to...
  15. Salazard

    k I'm back

    Sounds good =] Not top of the range, but still faster than what I'm using.
  16. Salazard

    Help needed with RPG Maker XP!

    I hope I've made this thread in the right place... Anyway, I want to make my character follow another character on the map. Would also be good to know how to do the opposite of this as well. I've been fiddling about with the program but I haven't got a clue how to do it! Any help would be...
  17. Salazard

    Anagram generator

    Salazard is the best = A Harassed Blest Zit xD
  18. Salazard

    Ever meet someone famous?

    Met Black Stone Cherry and Jim Marshall (creator of Marshall Amps), today and saw Steve Vai, but the queue to get an autograph was massive! xD Also met Jaqueline Wilson, Bowling for Soup, Zebrahead, Army of Freshmen and Ross Noble. Thinks that's everyone... =P
  19. Salazard

    Help with computer monitor resolutions

    I would say drivers. Go to My Computer > View System Information > Hardware > Device Manager > And post anything that is labelled with a '?' or Red 'x'. If there are things missing it is likely to be something to do with the Monitor or Graphics Card, in which case you just need to search for...
  20. Salazard

    Viking/Finnish Metal

    Oh yeah they are Faroese aren't they. xD And yes, I forgot to mention the Paganfest. Never been though. My guitarist has, and one of our songs is influenced by Sinklars Visa by Tyr. =]
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